In a series of conversations with top women beauty leaders about their career passion points, Holly Thaggard, founder of Supergoop!, shares her passion for making sunscreen one of the first things everyone thinks about before they step out the door. Here, Holly talks about the root of this drive.

“Changing the way the world thinks about sunscreen––our mission––has always been what I’m most passionate about. That’s not only what helps guide me in my role, but it also helps guide every decision we make as a brand. From the beginning, I knew that change would only happen through taking radical steps. We started off by putting sunscreen in schools, which was a feat in and of itself since SPF is an over-the-counter drug that’s regulated by the FDA, and not something you could simply have in many classrooms across the country. We then realized that in order to reach a wider audience (and the world), we needed to pivot to retail. But that still hasn’t stopped us from addressing the regulatory part head-on––we’ve visited Capitol Hill to share our perspective on their regulation of SPF, and those conversations have only just begun. Our mission also inspires me during every deskside or interview with beauty editors, where I always stress how important 365-days-a-year SPF press is. The point being, if you have a clear mission, and one you’re super passionate about, then the rest will fall into place.”

Holly is a 2021 CEW Achiever Award Honoree. To learn more about Holly’s career journey, rise to success and key learnings along the way, make sure to attend this year’s CEW Women’s Leadership Awards virtual event September 9 from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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