In a series of conversations with top women beauty leaders about the passion points within their jobs, executive leader Sarah Curtis Henry, Chief Commercial Officer, Parfums Christian Dior, discusses how her passion for developing a play-to-win strategy and leading organizational and cultural changes in the face of a rapidly changing world serve as her greatest inspiration.

“I am crazy about the business of beauty. I find it to be the perfect balance of left brain and right brain, the analytical and creative, human behavior and data science, and so much more. The resilience and innovative spirit of our industry throughout time and place is endlessly fascinating, as is our ability – and responsibility – to use our platform as a means to make a positive impact on the world and consumers we touch. I am the ultimate beauty consumer and have an insatiable appetite for the innovative products and experiences we create.

There is no greater inspiration than solving for a unique business challenge, developing a play-to-win strategy from concept to execution, or leading organizational and cultural changes in the face of a rapidly changing world. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to incredible brands and major projects in a global and domestic capacity from a variety of vantage points. It has been incredibly stimulating to work with partners across varying areas of expertise throughout my journey, and collaborative work is a constant driver for me. No matter what, and regardless of how seasoned myself or my teams may be, there is always a new ambition to pursue or a new challenge to face. I am constantly learning, growing, and most importantly, having fun along the way.” – Sarah Curtis Henry, Chief Commercial Officer, N.A., Parfums Christian Dior

Executive leader Sarah Curtis Henry is a 2022 CEW Achiever Award Honoree. To learn more about Sarah’s career journey, secrets to her success, and what she’s learned along the way, be sure to participate in this CEW Women’s Leadership Awards hybrid event taking place over two days, June 2 (in-person luncheon) and June 3 (virtual interviews with Honorees). Sarah will be one of 15 women honored across multiple companies and executive levels during this exclusive event celebrating female leadership.