Recognizing the achievement of exceptional women is at the core of CEW, and in just a few short weeks, the organization will honor seven women executives for their accomplishments, leadership and potential at Top Talent, an evening celebration on Wednesday, April 12 in New York City. In its fourth year, Top Talent attracts key beauty executives and their teams to show support for the accomplishments of the honorees. In addition to the recognition from CEW, each honoree will receive an education grant for executive leadership training from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Here, the Top Talent Honorees share the best piece of advice they’ve ever received.

Kristen Comings, Vice President, Integrated Consumer Communications, L’Oréal Paris

“Our former President, Karen Fondu, always said to never underestimate your team. They are your greatest asset. This is wonderful advice for anyone, no matter what your career path.”

Cindy Deily, Senior Director, Skincare Merchandising, Sephora

“My German grandfather always told me, ‘The only thing that can never be taken from you is what is in your head.’ I think maintaining constant ‘sponginess’, a desire to soak in and learn from those around you, instills a level of humility that makes it easy to connect and collaborate with people – which is a huge part of my job today.”


Lauren Elias, Executive Director, North America Marketing, Tom Ford Beauty
“If you are going to be in the room, be useful and participate. That simple expression echoes back a sense of accountability and preparedness that has driven me to be both a valuable leader and contributor.”


Dalia Stoddard, VP, Product Development, Rodan + Fields
“A former mentor of mine gave me the great advice to hire people smarter than myself. It takes confidence and humility to do so, but successful people tend to share this philosophy.”


Dana Paris, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Vogue International, a Johnson & Johnson company

“A VP that I once reported to told me that to be successful in my career I should look at work as a marathon instead of a sprint. I love that analogy because it helps me to elevate the way that I tackle obstacles and look at opportunities.”

Staci Pigna, VP, Sales, Southeast, Clarins Groupe USA

“I’ve received a lot of advice, but the best advice is a simple sentiment from my mom, Rita White: find what you love to do and do it with all your heart.”

Megan Streeter, Chief Marketing Officer, DevaCurl

“Colin Walsh, DevaCurl’s CEO, and also my boss, has had several pieces of great advice. One is to put people first, not the business. Another is to remember that building and nurturing authentic relationships is the key to professional success.”