From determining the perfect foundation shade in the privacy of your own home to getting insight on what’s going on with face topography — beauty needs are endless. The good news is that now, there’s an app for pretty much everything. With so many options, it can be tough to navigate through all the noise and find the most vital beauty apps of 2017. Here, Beauty Insider nailed down a definitive list of some lesser-known yet innovative apps, along with those that have paved the way and set the bar way high.

Created by FaceCake, the leader in augmented reality for retail, the app features Battington’s silk and 3D lashes in realistic detail. Using the app, one can browse the full collection and virtually try on a fringe live onto an image. From there, tap the feature-enhancing filter, shop instantly, or share on social media.

Spruce offers appointments with a virtual derm through the phone. First a user chooses a certified doctor by browsing the app’s doctor profile list, and then she shares her skin issues. Whether plagued by acne or rosacea, one can add more info and send photos via the app, as well. Once a certified dermatologist has been selected, users can then share skin issues, information and photos, and within 24 hours get a personalized skin care treatment plan and any necessary prescriptions. Best of all, the consultation and treatment plan only costs $40, which is less than most insurance companies’ copays.

Leaping Bunny

Ensuring that all of beauty products are indeed cruelty-free is no easy feat, especially when Asia’s product safety testing process requires that animals be involved. So if a go-to mascara is distributed in China, there are certainly bunnies involved. This app deciphers which products are animal-friendly using a single comprehensive standard and a recognized logo (the leaping bunny) so consumers won’t be misled by bunny logos of a brand’s own design without the participation of animal protection groups.

This app offers high-quality, professional massages on demand, in the comfort of the home or office. A certified therapist can arrive in as little as an hour, toting his or her own massage table for the price of about $160 for an hour-long massage. Bonus: This also includes 18% gratuity, avoiding the whole cash-slipping enterprise in a relaxation haze.


In a world of fictitious FaceTune filters, which inch into Uncanny Valley territory when it comes to blurring imperfections, consider Meitu an honest answer to simply looking better in photos. The simple “auto” option is like digital BB cream for any snap: it’s subtle, but delivers a fresh look — in a believable way.


If enchanted by a bold lip or smoked-out shadow effect in a magazine, simply take a pic and then upload it to Glamscout. In an instant, the app identifies makeup shades on the eyes, skin and face with product matches from 80+ brands of various price points. Try the makeup on virtually using the phone’s camera to ensure it’s desirable pre-purchase.

There are many competitors for at-home beauty services, but this one offers everything from hair to nails to makeup. Ideal for everything from early-morning beauty prep for that mega presentation to bridal parties, this app lets users choose from a style menu and enjoy a pampering session, all within hours of booking. Prices are also reasonable.


YouCam provides digital makeovers thanks to flattering filters. It also offers one-touch makeovers (choose a natural or bold look), and a hairstyle studio with tons of cut and color options. Try on looks created with makeup brands’ top sellers, then buy the items.

Can’t find the right shade of foundation? MatchCo blends a bespoke formula and then mails it off, all in a matter of days. Users just need to scan a few images of their skin (cheeks, forehead, and wrists) using their cell phone and indoor light.

L’Oréal Makeup Genius

L’Oréal’s app features a real-time camera that allows users to virtually try on any beauty product or shade. The camera functions as a mirror, letting consumers test out different beauty looks, but here’s the kicker: It shows the makeup on the face as one moves. Consumers can also try various makeup looks from the red carpet so as to emulate their favorite celebrities.