Results from The International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Performed in 2011 has been released, surveying the number of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed that year by 31,894 board certified (or national equivalent) plastic surgeons. Released by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and compiled by Industry Insights’ Scott Hackworth, a CPA and research analyst who’s conducted research on trends in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for over 15 years, the survey reveals insights on some very busy doctors working to enhance and restore the beauty of their patients.

Overall, 14,707,828 aesthetic/cosmetic procedures took place in 2011. (According to The United States Census Bureau, the world population for 2011 was 6,940,712,355.) The number of worldwide surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons totaled 6,371,070, while 8,336,758 non-surgical procedures were performed, also by plastic surgeons. An average of 461 procedures were performed per plastic surgeon during the year, some were as simple as an injection—others were much more complex surgery.

Highlights from the 2011 survey:

– Overall in 2011, the top five countries for all cosmetic procedures (surgical and non-surgical) were: the U.S., generating 21.1 percent of procedures; Brazil with 9.8 percent; China with 7.1 percent; Japan with 6.5 percent and Mexico with 5.4 percent. These five countries account for 7,350,537 procedures, or nearly 50 percent, of all global procedures.

– Asia led all continents, accounting for 29.5 percent of total procedures. It also accounts for the highest number of plastic surgeons, at 26.3 percent.

– The top five countries for cosmetic surgical procedures were: the U.S. with 17.2 percent; Brazil with 14.2 percent; China with 6.5 percent; Japan with 5.9 percent and Italy with 5 percent.

– The top three global cosmetic surgical procedures accounted for near half of all performed. They were fat reduction (lipoplasty) with 1,268,287 or 19.9 percent of procedures performed; breast augmentation at 1,205,251 or 18.9 percent, and eyelid modification (blepharoplasty) at 703,610 or 11 percent. These were the only procedures to reach 10 percent or above in 2011.

– The countries most interested in lipoplasty were the U.S. with 223,066 procedures, representing 17.6 percent, and Brazil with 211,108 procedures, or 16.6 percent.

– The countries performing the most breast augmentation procedures were the U.S. with 284,351 or 23.6 percent, and Brazil with 148,962 or 12.4 percent.

– The number of rhinoplasty (nose augmentation) procedures was led by China with 51,680 or 10.8 percent of total procedures; Japan with 46,599, or 9.7 percent, and Brazil with 43,809 or 9.2 percent. The U.S. came in fourth with 40,103, or 8.4 percent, followed by South Korea with 31,863, or 6.7 percent. The three top Asian nations accounted for over 27 percent of all rhinoplasty.

– Vaginal rejuvenation procedures totaled 55,746 world wide with Brazil leading at 9,043 procedures; China with 4,540; Japan with 3,937; Italy with 3,480; South Korea with 2,763 and the U.S. with 2,440.

– Male Breast Reduction (treatment of gynecomastia) totaled 174,806 surgical procedures worldwide. Brazil with 22,960 led the number of procedures, followed by China with 15,800 and the U.S. with 14,102 procedures.

– The top countries for nonsurgical procedures were the U.S. with 24.1 percent; China with 7.6 percent; Japan with 7.0 percent; Brazil with 6.5 percent and Mexico with 5.9 percent. While these countries account for more than half of the world’s non-surgical procedures, these procedures are by far most prevalent in the U.S. at 2,011,100.

– The top global non-surgical procedures were: Botox and Dysport, with 3,179,652 procedures performed or 38.1 percent, making it the most performed of all procedures (surgical and non-surgical); 1,937,576 hyaluronic acid procedures or 23.2 percent and 906,316 laser hair removals, representing 10.9 percent. These accounted for nearly three of every four nonsurgical procedures.

NOTE: Missing from the statistics are all of the procedures performed by medical professionals and others still, who are not plastic surgeons.