Color is second only to product innovation in what will drive beauty purchases in 2013, according to The Color Association. Naturally-derived pigments are the biggest trend:


…A direct reflection of water with the ocean and all that surrounds it, including the sky, greenery, plants, flowers and even birds. Fragrance notes accompanying the trend include freshwater, sea air and crisp greenery.

Against the Grain

…A representation of what spring stands for—rebirth and renewal—mixes warm, autumnal colors to the sunnier seasons, translating exceptionally well for hair.


…Revitalizes the vampy movement, but with a softer and prettier edge. It represents moving into a lighter palette but one that retains an edgy quality. Colors have a murky undertone that instills a feeling of texture while incorporating tints and tones of purple.


…The most interactive and fun story in the forecast, is all about customization and playing with color. It works well for every market, from youth to mature. Colors are sheer and meant to be layered individually, or by mixing multiples.