When President Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention last week, he once again mesmerized, energized, and tantalized his audience, writes Sam Harrison for Fast Company. Recognized by most today as “one of the best speakers of any generation,” his stunning performance is understandable given his decades of public experience and powerful charisma, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from him. Here are some basic speaking techniques, as exemplified by Bill, that can help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills:

1. He knows when to stop and go. Bill uses pauses to build tension and draw focus to key words. Whether he’s briefly stopping between words or pausing between short phrases, he knows how to work his pacing for dramatic effect and keep his audience listening. “In those moments, he squeezes every word for maximum impact,” Sam Harrison writes.

2. His gestures sync with his words. Using wide, open gestures to relay “an image of accessibility and authenticity,” Bill doesn’t shy away from using his arms and hands while speaking. Where he used to rely on jabbing the air with his index finger to emphasize his points, he now uses more flowing arm gestures when speaking directly to the audience to make them feel included and engaged.

3. It’s how he says it, as much as what he says. Bill doesn’t let the text do all the work, and, as Harrison writes, “you’ll appreciate how Clinton uses facial expressions to put his words on display.” A knowing smile, defiant chin, and determined look help to convey the strength of his conviction, and guide his audience along the emotional journey of his speeches.

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