Ouai Haircare Founder, Jen Atkin, and Co-Founders of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, have teamed up to create a travel beauty box designed to meet the needs of jet-lagged beauty consumers during the dry, cold winter months. On Thursday the two companies announced the launch of a limited-edition Masque Set to keep skin and hair looking fresh throughout winter. The set will be available on December 25th at TheOUAI.com and Sephora.com and December 26th in store at Sephora. The founders found time to speak with CEW Beauty Insider about the recent collab. Here’s what they said.

CEW Beauty Insider: What are some of the synergies between your two brands that make this partnership a win?
Jen Atkin: I am a firm believer in supporting my friends and their brands because I know the hustle is real and we are stronger when we work together.

Lauren Gores Ireland: This is our first collaboration, and it’s one I know our communities are going to really connect with. Two beauty brands, founded by women, creating quick solutions for those of us constantly on the go. Both brands have a really close relationship with their online families, and it’s that relationship that inspired the collaboration — we knew combining our products into the perfect kit would resonate strongly with our respective audiences, because we already see a lot of people naturally sharing the brands side by side.

Marianna Hewitt: Jen, Lauren and I all really understand product development and marketing in a new way. We’re all really in touch with our online communities and Jen has really paved the way for us as an influencer brand. When taking a look at what our followers are posting and sharing on Instagram, we constantly see them sharing our brands photographed together and even got so many requests for a collaboration; we knew it would be a natural fit.

BI: What do you love most about Summer Fridays brand positioning?

JA: I’m constantly on the go and love having TSA-friendly products on hand while I travel. I loved The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask from Day One because it rehydrates my skin to another level and I obsessed. I apply it on planes and on days where I need to look alive, and it removes any puffiness and gives me the hydration I need.

BI: What do you love most about Ouai?

LGI: We connect with who the brand is — and how it takes a new approach on hair care through its minimalist design and products that deliver effortless-like results. We all want to feel our most confident with no-fuss solutions.

MH: The voice of the brand, the products you can add to your everyday routine and the new innovations that make the brand exciting like Air Dry foam and Sun of a Beach.

BI: Talk about the Masque Set.
JA: It’s a travel-sized Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask and OUAI Treatment Masque that you can keep in your carry on to arrive looking and feeling fresh. It also comes with a masking headband. OUAI Treatment Masque gives dramatic results after just one use. It can be applied to hair before you work out or during a flight, or before hitting the beach to let the heat double activate for a deep conditioning treatment, while the artichoke leaf extract provides a barrier from the sun, salt and sand.
LGI: I can’t think of anything better than a masking night where you wake up with hydrated skin and hair.