SkinCeuticals’ new General Manager, Stephanie Kramer, is a mom, philanthropist, adjunct professor at FIT, and, like many of these days, a Zoom school facilitator. Stephanie brings 18 years of business strategy and marketing experience to this role, which she began in December 2020. Most recently, she was Global Senior Vice President of Marketing, Product Innovation and Retail at SkinCeuticals, which is owned by L’Oréal. Under her leadership, Stephanie and her team headed up new product development, retail and go-to-market strategies (including the launch of Tripeptide-R Neck Repair), as well as scientific communications and project management. Prior to joining the SkinCeuticals team, Stephanie worked at iconic brands such as Kiehl’s, Chanel and more.

Here, we caught up with Stephanie about her most valuable lessons learned on the job, SkinCeuticals’ skin care destination expansion and more.

Beauty News: What was your most valuable lessons working at Kiehl’s and Chanel prior to SkinCeuticals?
Stephanie Kramer: That in keeping Chanel uniquely Chanel and keeping Kiehl’s uniquely Kiehl’s, you can still push them forward and help them grow for their customers and the future Kiehl’s and Chanel customers. I very much believe that at SkinCeuticals, as well. They are all special brands.

BN: What attracted you to the SkinCeuticals brand?
SK: First and foremost, the fact that I am a brand fan myself. I am a loyal CE Ferulic and Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 user. I believe in the science and the results on my skin. It’s quite fulfilling to work on a brand that delivers on its claims and exceeds expectations for our customers, including our physician partners. The products work and people love them—period. As long as I’m involved, you can rest assured that this mission will continue being upheld.

BN: What have you changed/accomplished since you started as GM?
SK: Since I started as GM, we have successfully launched Silymarin CF, which is a breakthrough Vitamin C serum 6-plus years in the making. On the global side, I was able to help work on its testing and launch plan and am infinitely proud to be the one to usher it across the finish line for the U.S. I have everyone from our labs through to our sales, education and marketing teams to thank. The reaction from physicians, press and consumers alike has been so strong; it’s off to a promising start.

April 4 marks SkinCeuticals’ third annual Vitamin C Day, which we have exciting plans for across our owned channels and at retail. Each year, the day serves as a tentpole moment to celebrate the brand’s renowned, results-driven antioxidant serums and the importance of incorporating Vitamin C into daily routines to protect against daily aggressors. April 4, 2021 will offer Silymarin CF its shining moment as the newest addition to the brand’s portfolio.

BN: Have you made executive changes at SkinCeuticals? If so please discuss.
SK: I have been very fortunate that not only do I have a strong leadership team in place, but an amazing and inspiring leader of our division, Tina Fair, who was the prior GM of SkinCeuticals U.S.

BN: What is the biggest opportunity you see with SkinCeuticals?
SK: I believe that expansion of SkinCeuticals SkinLab—our skin care destinations currently in Stamford CT, Napa CA, Palm Desert CA and Houston TX —is one of our biggest opportunities for the recruitment of new to aesthetic customers. As a brand, we value our relationships with our partner physicians immensely, and working together on opening additional locations in regions across the U.S. is something that we all have a lot of heart for. You can expect to see expansion of the model in 2021 and beyond—it’s working and it’s exciting.

BN: What is SkinCeuticals’ point of difference?
SK: This brand is unique in that you know you’re getting quality, science-driven formulas (that is a given!) but in an authentic, approachable, comprehensive way including partnering with in-office treatments. We are endorsed by physicians from coast to coast and everywhere in between. When shopping this brand, the consumer can rest assured that no stone was left unturned in the development of our formulas.  We are the leading medical professional skin care brand in the world for a reason. It’s this ‘secret sauce’ — research and innovation, physician validation, results-driven, proven formulas — that makes SkinCeuticals what it is.

BN: What keeps you up at night?
SK: I think this is supposed to be metaphorical, but honestly it’s that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I love what I do and I love being a mom to two young boys, so that means late nights after bedtime to catch up or carving out time to decompress to be ready for my team and my family the next day. Personally, like everyone else, this year has been a lot, but I’ve learned to embrace my blurred boundaries and try to catch my limit. That said I have a lot of energy and my mind is perpetually in motion from AM through PM.