Dr. Dennis Gross, the board-certified dermatologist and Co- founder of his namesake skin care line, has a knack for being ahead of the market. Almost two decades ago he introduced his iconic Alpha Beta Peels – during a time when no one else offered them. Two years ago he launched his C+ Collagen line, which addressed an untapped category, tired skin. And there have been numerous other firsts, most which come in a pump, jar or pad. This year Dr. Gross has a laser focus on illumination and lights – LED to be specific. CEW Beauty Insider caught up the forward thinker at a media breakfast at the Wayfarer to discuss his upcoming launches. Here are highlights from the interview.

CEW: Last year you released SpectraLite EyeCare Pro, your first LED at-home device. This year you’re coming out with two different LED products, one that addresses anti-aging and acne, and an acne spot treatment. Why a focus on devices?

Dr. Dennis Gross: At-home devices continue to be a booming category. The EyeCare Pro was created to combat crow’s feet and frown lines. It did exceptionally well for us and I knew we could create others that were results driven, more powerful and penetrated deeper while focusing on specific concerns such as anti-aging and acne.

CEW: Why the fascination with LED light?

DDG: I love technological advancement, especial those that offer immediate and long-term results. LED is an untapped, powerful advancement that addresses more than 10 different concerns. It stimulates collagen production, increases circulation, brings oxygenation to the skin, among other benefits.

CEW: How has the company been performing?


We’ve recently had two of our most successful years, which I attribute to the new releases, be it devices or products. Who would have thought you could have novelty, excitement and results with a cleanser and moisturizer, which is what happened with our Alpha Beta cleansing gel and moisturizer?

CEW: Why do you think that is?

DDG: The technology gives immediate results. Plus, the consumer has changed. They’re more sophisticated and demanding. When you match those elements, sophisticated and demanding, with results, you have growth, which is what we’ve been seeing within our brand and with what’s trending.

CEW: With the plethora of celebrity derms, and the release of numerous products by skin care specialists, how have you been able to successfully stay in the game?
DDG: I love finding new ingredients. I’m always amazed how some go unnoticed. If I see an opening for a new product I grab it. I also mesh my two backgrounds together, which is science and medicine. Other doctors, specialists or people in a lab, often don’t have that crossover ability.