Native video, sponsored video, influencer partnerships, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn—the list of possible channels seems never ending. With consumers taking to social media like never before, there’s also no denying that being present and active on platforms is essential for business growth and community development. The technology surrounding the social media phenomenon has also made video creators of us all; a positive democratization of content creation. Still, there’s no denying that high-end, high-quality video holds an important place in the beauty space, no matter the platform it’s intended for.

Here, Moss Studio + Magazine takes a look at five things this content style can do for a brand.

Brand Identity, Strengthened
A brand is the sum of all its parts, and nothing resonates more than communications and marketing materials. A brand’s video content is a direct reflection (or at least it should be) of its values, goals, and community characteristics it wants to emulate. If the goal is to be perceived as elevated, caring, and luxurious, high-end productions are a near must. However, all thoroughly crafted video work to strengthen a brand’s identity, no matter what distinguishes it.

An ideal audience, key message, brand values, brand identity, and campaign goals are all taken into consideration for these campaigns. The approach is both foundational and comprehensive; high-end video becomes hyper-targeted to a targeted viewership. But it sharpens the sense of identity all strong brands need internally, too. Brand videos make for powerful pieces of content, whether it’s shown to employees or consumers.

Elevate Your Brand Perception
All audiences are perceptive. No matter how little or how much they know about videography and video marketing, they can tell and feel the difference between a homemade and high-end piece of creative. Consumers may not be able to put their finger on exactly what it is, but a beautifully crafted, filmed, and edited campaign elevates the perception of your brand, whether conscious or subconscious. It puts you in a league of your own.

Furthermore, it shows customers and followers you care about their content consumption, whether it’s in an ad or a learning video. They’re investing their time in you by watching your creative pieces, and their money by buying your products. With high-end video content, you take them on a journey that’s immersive and evocative. Besides from facilitating a true and emotional connection to your brand, this is an indirect way of communicating that you care about them.

Nurture Your Creative Freedom
Whether you’re an owner, a CMO, CEO or a marketer, creativity is one of the most important assets on any professional journey. It allows one to tackle problems in innovative ways, and remain passionate and excited about building something extraordinary. Nurturing creativity also means a real possibility of creating truly impactful, unique, and pioneering pieces of marketing. And there is no other form of communication more powerful than video for doing this.

It’s immersive in a way neither text nor images can be; and when the production is high-end, the possibilities within the scope of work are practically endless. With the right studio partnership, you can create entire worlds, exactly the way you envision them. It’s a rewarding experience internally – and it holds the potential to make a lasting impact on your audience, too.

Scale Up Your Marketing Opportunities 
A solid piece of high-end source video can be used extensively on different platforms and in different formats. By making that one investment into a campaign that truly emulates a brand, the marketing opportunities expand, too. The content can repurposed for multiple social media channels, and it is evergreen by default. It allows for a consistent look and feel to a brand’s communications; one that audiences will recognize from style.

High-end video is also becoming a rarity. Consumers are bombarded with video content on a daily basis, which is making it increasingly difficult to gain the visibility all beauty brands need to reach their goals. A stunning campaign is, by default, noteworthy and tailored for both attention and connection with the ideal audience.

Let Your Brand Stand Out
Quality will always be an investment – but when done right, it’s an investment that matches the rewards. The feel of something polished, that’s consistent with the brand’s overall identity, makes a brand stand out. It draws and holds audience attention, simply by being different from the thousands of videos viewers are being presented with anyway. Besides from creating a unique brand perception, this also drives customer action.

High-end video is both inspirational and aspirational. Whether it’s in a direct, concrete sentiment, or through sensorial visuals, it makes the viewer feel something. The power of this immersive experience is the kind that makes a potential customer turn into a real one. It also builds a platform for creating and nurturing loyal customers that are excited to spread a brand’s content and message.

To see the power of high-end video in action, please visit Moss’ Studio page.