Come September, Jo Malone London, the British perfume and scented candle brand, which Estée Lauder acquired almost two decades ago, will release two fragrances at the same time, a first for the company.

English Oak & Hazelnut, a spicy, woody scent will be joined by its counterpart, English Oak & Redcurrant, which offers bright notes of pink pepper, redcurrant and rose.

This forthcoming collection, like many of Jo Malone London’s past creations, is steeped in British heritage, history and ingredients.

The inspiration started with the English Oak tree, a noble symbol which lies deep in the heart of the English woodland — think the magic and mystery of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, famous for its tales of wandering knights, outlaws and Robin Hood.

“English Oak is a story about our heritage but also about fragrance construction, authority and ingredients, which makes it very interesting, especially if you’re a fan of fragrance,” said Chris Wyatt, Jo Malone London Executive Director of Global Education.

The auspicious ingredient for this collection is roasted oak, which offers its own rare, fairytale-like quality, as it’s woven subtly into the tapestry of English culture.

“If you look at what we’ve done with past launches, we tend to focus on a particular story paired with a certain mood, memory or moment,” added Chris. “The fact that we have an exclusivity of the oak absolute in the fragrance for five years give us something that’s unique which other brands won’t be able to emulate since they won’t have access to it.”

Both scents proved too inspiring for the creative team, and Yan Vasnier, the perfumer who collaborated on the collection, to settle on one fragrance. And so the brand decided to release both.

“We don’t have a particular demographic in mind when we launch a fragrance,” said Chris. “Celine Roux, our Global Head of Fragrance, doesn’t look at what the competition is doing and she doesn’t look at marketing reports. Her point is creatively driven and she wants to remain that way.”

It’s a novel idea, one bathed in authenticity.And though a huge part of the direction of the brand comes from the marketing team, Celine’s counter-cultural approach is perhaps one of the decisions that has brought the company much success.

“When you smell them, they are loved by women,” Chris added. “But I’m seeing a number of men like it as well, and from a male consumer, it’s going to open a lot more doors.”

Like with other Jo Malone London perfumes, these fragrances can be worn on their own, or blended with others.

Both perfumes retail for $65 for the 30-ml bottle; $135 for the 100-ml.