Many people love to play with their makeup looks, but how many people can actually play with their makeup? Ace Beauté has addressed this gap with a game-themed makeup collection, Paletteopoly, that allows consumers to interact and play with fellow beauty lovers to create random, fun makeup looks.

The card game Ace Beauté developed resembles the game concentration, whereby players take turns selecting two cards from a 52-card deck that have been assembled face down, trying to select matching cards. If the cards don’t match, players must flip them back over and try to remember what and where they were. The player with the most cards accumulated wins. Ace Beaute’s version includes a deck of 24 cards, each with an image of a makeup product. If the cards selected match, the player dictates to the others a shade of eyeshadow, liquid lipstick or lipgloss, or lash set to apply. Players continue the game until a completed makeup look has been accomplished.

Makeup items in the new line include an eyeshadow palette ($49.99), a four-piece lip set ($48.99), a four-piece eyeshadow brush set ($35.99), and magnetic lashes and liners ($48.99).

The entire collection can also be purchased ($159.99).  The eyeshadow palette includes 24 shades with a mix of matte, chrome, and shimmer shades. Every piece in the collection features Eighties inspired packaging with bold pink, teal, and yellow colors.

Niye Aniekan-Attang, CEO and Founder of Ace Beauté, said her idea for game-themed makeup came in 2019 when she noticed a shift in the beauty community, namely creators and makeup lovers, who seemed burned out, and makeup didn’t feel as fun anymore.

“I set out to bring the fun back into makeup and realized the best way to do this would be to add some sort of gaming to it. I noticed there were brands who had done collaborations with gaming companies, but their collaborations only went as far as incorporating the theme into the products with no actual gaming factor to them. I decided to create a collection that is playable and can determine the makeup looks you create.”

Paletteopoly is available for purchase beginning today, July 19, exclusively on