One of the newest cosmetic procedures beginning to take place in Park Avenue dermatologist offices looks to transfer fat in a much more efficient way. BeautiFill made its debut at this spring’s Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, the first laser-based system designed to optimize the process, time and quality of autologous fat transfer for aesthetic contouring. Created by Alma Inc., a leader in laser aesthetic devices, BeautiFill allows for 95% of fat cells to survive during a transfer, more than double the usual 40% fat cell survival seen in other transfer procedures. BeautiFill combines laser, suction and fat processing into one step, allowing physicians to quickly harvest and process high-quality fat for immediate reimplantation to address volume loss in the face, buttocks or wherever it is needed.

“There are people who don’t want to use fillers, so this is a great alternative,” said Dr. Gary Goldenberg, a NYC-based dermatologist who is one of the first doctors in the U.S. to use the BeautiFill laser in his practice, Goldenberg Dermatology, located at 14 E 75th St. “During the procedure patients are awake and under a local anesthetic. This is real liposuction. And most people have a little fat so it’s good to use those cells for shaping and sculpting thinning areas. And with BeautiFill, which is a laser, there is less bleeding and minimal loose skin afterwards. It also lasts for a long time,” said Goldenberg.

Laser Lipo Sculpting with Fat Transfer by BeautiFill, as it is called at Goldenberg’s practice, begins at $5,000.