Clarisonic, inventors of isonic skin cleansing, have sold more than 10 million devices in more than 50 countries during the past decade. Their consumers have been mostly women. Sure, plenty of men have secretly borrowed the award-winning machine, which boasts cleansing skin six-times better than manual cleansing in just 60 seconds. And, there has been many men not afraid to admit using a product marketed to women on their face. Now, they have a device of their own.

This month, Clarisonic, owned by L’Oréal USA, released Alpha Fit, $189, the brand’s first men’s skin care invention.With more than 40 patents protecting their technology, Alpha Fit not only took five years to make, but has opened the facial door to an extremely growing market of men’s grooming.

“Men’s beauty is a bit of a challenge, and though it has taken off, it still remains a small part of the market, especially when you look at prestige and luxury. It’s a fraction of what women’s is,” said Stuart Leitch, the brand’s General Manager. “Development of the device was not to do something specifically for men, but as we saw men using their partner’s devices, we saw this as a great opportunity to bridge the gadgets and early adaptors of tech products, and see if we can get them more into grooming.”

Like it’s successful predecessors, the Alpha Fit’s brush head oscillates 300 times a second. Perhaps most impressive, however, is its compact operating system. Modeled after a barber brush, the barrel-like shape specifically has no handle. The timer, magnetic motor, coils, circuit board, two rechargeable batteries and rubber bumpers, which prevent vibration, all fit within the 4-inch gadget. “We wanted to do something totally different for guys,” said Dr. Robb Akridge, Clarisonic’s President and Co-founder, “but engineering-wise, it was very difficult. Our engineers have used every inch of space to their advantage so we can have a product that is optimized for men’s skin, which is different from women’s skin.”

True. The male dermis is tougher and thicker. They have a lower PH level, making them more susceptible to breakouts. Their skin is also more elastic, and has a weaker barrier function, thanks to testosterone levels, and repeated shaving can cause irritation. Alpha Fit takes all of those issues into account.

There are two different speed settings, one for a beard, one for without. It also preps the face and neck for a smoother shave. When used with their Alpha Cleanser, which is formulated with a combination of fruit acids, caffeine, ginseng and aloe, the two help clean, energize and exfoliate, while promoting a closer shave and cleaner beard.

Though handsome and effective, the release is not a surprise for those within the beauty industry. The men’s grooming category has been increasing steadily. That paired with men’s love for gadgets and you have tapped into a void that needs filling in the market place.

According to data from a men’s grooming report by The NPD Group Inc., a global information company, 80 percent of men use grooming products, and facial skin care is the category with the biggest opportunity to expand usage.

Karen Grant, NPD’s Global Beauty Industry Analyst, said, “The great news continues to be that the vast majority of men are into grooming, and add to it the fact that a majority are also dedicated when it comes to their hair care. The proverbial white whale is the potential billion-dollar opportunity in mobilizing men to adopt facial skin care.”

According to Stuart, 40% of women who use Clarisonic are aged between 18 and 34 years old. For the male market, their target was three different groups. “From a marketing perspective we are going after that younger, lumberjack-type, ‘I have a big beard and I’m an entrepreneur and I’m paving my own path,’” explained Stuart. “Our second group is guys who have a discretionary income, who are buying gadgets and beauty items, and are early adopters of things… they’d be the first in line for an Apple Watch, for example.” The third, he said, are women who will purchase the product for the fellow who is a tad older and won’t walk into Sephora and buy it himself.

Over the next few months consumers can expect to see Clarisonic advertising dollars spent on traditional men’s books in October, and come holiday time, a splattering of women’s books will tell a different story about gifting. But next year their concentration will be on digital. “Our biggest assist is the advocacy that comes from our users so our fuel and efforts will focus on social media and giving our fans a place to tell their story,” Stuart added. “Next year we will use real people and real testimonials which we think is a unique fit for us. Alpha Fit is an investment in your skin and in your face.”