Consumers are leaning into skin health—and are looking to tech for answers that address their skin needs. Perfect Corp., one of the leaders in AI and AR for the beauty and fashion industries, has released its latest Global Beauty Trend Report focusing on AI and skin care, called, “The Rise of AI Skin Technology.” The report takes a deep dive into a new study by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and his findings on why AI skin technology offers a precise, cost-effective consultation solution for the dermatology and medical spa industries.

“When I learned about the AI skin device, I was very excited because in dermatology we don’t have a lot of objective measures for things.  My iPhone sees things my eyes can’t. And this app can score all sorts of different characteristics of the skin. When I was performing the study, my questions were whether those scores really mean anything. Are they valid? Are they reliable? If you do it twice, do you get the same score? So, we put together an innovative protocol to test the device to look at the way it works,” said Dr. Feldman.

The app can be used by both professionals and consumers. A dermatologist, for example, could use the app for documenting before and afters for cosmetic procedures quickly and easily.

“It’s nice to be able to show numeric proof that we’ve made this much improvement over time,” Dr. Feldman said.

Someone at home, meanwhile, could use the app to scan their face to see which products are best recommended for their skin concerns. The app also allows for try-ons, for everything from skin care to make up to sunglasses.

According to Perfect Corp., there were more than 19 million interactions with its YouCam Makeup app skin score quiz in 2022 as consumers sought to better understand their skin and the products needed to treat their skin concerns.

The report, which is accessible to CEW members, highlights several findings from Dr. Feldman’s study:

  • Excellent Test-Retest Reliability: Results from the survey confirmed that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology achieves 95% test-retest reliability, meaning that it identified the same key skin concerns for an individual when she repeated the scan.
  • High Correlation with Physician Skin Assessments: The study confirmed Perfect Corp.’s results highly correlated with assessments done by physicians.
  • High Correlation with Clinical Imaging System: The study confirmed a high correlation between the results of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Technology and the clinical imaging system for every skin concern measured.
  • AI Skin Software is a Seamless, Cost-Effective Solution: Perfect Corp.’s tech was found to operate seamlessly from a smartphone or tablet and presents a more cost-effective alternative to large imaging machinery found in derm offices.
  • High-Speed Skin Analysis: The AI Skin software delivers results 20x faster than a Clinical Imaging System, providing precise skin analysis instantly.