As Vice President of Marketing for Maybelline U.S., Ali Goldstein has helped steer the cosmetics brand to number one. In 2011, Maybelline reached a milestone $1 billion in retail sales. Now she muses, “Why not $2 billion?!”

Ali’s journey hasn’t been without business challenges, but those are the moments she said presented the biggest growth opportunities. Hired after interning as a junior marketer on L’Oréal Paris, early on she brought enthusiasm and passion to the development of a new men’s hair color. In the end, the product didn’t go to market, but it was a pivotal experience. “I learned how to have a voice,” Ali recalled. Afterwards, Carol Hamilton (then brand president), penned an encouraging note explaining the decision. “I tucked it away and saved it.”

A move to L’Oréal Paris skin care honed skills in translating complex technical ingredients for consumers. After maternity leave, she had the opportunity to manage the Maybelline eye business, including the iconic Great Lash brand. Lip and nail responsibilities were added before rising to her current post. Among her proudest accomplishments is nurturing a weak lip business to second in the category. And, as a leader, Ali promotes sharing information and “motivating through a positive, inspiring-environment, not through fear.”