Nance Hastings has been named President of Alpyn Beauty, the skin care brand that sources ingredients from the mountains in its hometown of Jackson Hole, WY. Nance brings 25 years’ experience as a senior executive and visionary brand builder with work on Clinique, Estée Lauder, Tom Ford, By Killian and Editions de Perfume Fredric Malle.

One of Nance’s biggest goals is to expand Alpyn’s business. “I see a tremendous amount of growth potential within our current distribution. We have been focused on our DTC and retailer online sites. As brick-and-mortar doors re-open, there’s even more opportunity to share our brand and attract new consumers.”

Looking to continue Alpyn’s mission of producing sustainable, wild-harvested products while also reducing a carbon footprint, Nance said, “The Alpyn opportunity fulfills my life-long passion to build brands coupled with the fact that Alpyn is the first brand to utilize wildcrafting. With the powers of wild plants in skin care I saw an opportunity to delight and engage the consumer while pushing the boundaries of innovation and redefining what clean and natural means to us and our community.”

Nance sees Alpyn’s current marketing strategies as future drivers. “Kendra Kolb Butler, our founder, has laid the groundwork with the creation of the Alpyn A-list: End to End Sustainability. We share what we are made of, what we believe in and why. Our mission is to leave the earth a better place and we are so proud that in only two years we have been able to help restore almost 900 acres of our local national park to help the ecosystem and feed the wildlife. Every future-forward marketing initiative will build on this foundation.”