Alpyn Beauty has reformulated its cult-favorite PlantGenius Survival Serum. The product will be revealed worldwide at 10 p.m. EST, March 23, via a QVC livestream with founder Kendra Kolb Butler and program host, Shawn Killinger. The serum will then roll out to additional retail partners, including Sephora, Credo and Bluemercury, in early May. The Wyoming-based skin care company was founded in 2018 and has experienced triple digit growth year over year since hitting the market. According to industry sources Alpyn Beauty is expected to finish this year between $5 million to $10 million in retail sales.

“Even something good—multiple-award-winning good—can get better,” said Kendra about the reformulation. “It’s important for our team to stay science-forward, so we’re constantly in the lab figuring out how we can make our wildcrafted ingredients and formulas even more efficacious. We added bakuchiol, a plant-derived alternative to retinol, plus a double dose of squalane. They’re two ingredients we’re loving right now, along with the results we’re seeing.”

To drive awareness, the brand will lean into digital advertising and influencer marketing. Still, word-of-mouth is expected to be a key factor in driving success of the new launch.

“We’ve found time and time again that our best asset is our customers—or nano influencers, the real deal—that love the formula. When the launch is a product that works, awareness builds naturally,” said Kendra. “As we enter our third year in business, we’re starting to gain traction and awareness for our product experience, combined with the overall secular trend in the market for exactly what we offer. We’re increasingly seeing consumers, especially GenZ and the millennials, on the hunt for clean, sustainable skin care formulas combined with a brand story for a clear-cut point of difference.”

For 2021, Alpyn Beauty plans to continue to innovate in the clean and natural skin care space and will be releasing multiple launches throughout the year featuring its signature hand-harvested, wildcrafted actives that are sustainably gathered in Jackson Hole— many of which the brand says has never been put into a skin care formula before.

Currently, the brand is privately funded by angel investors, but Kendra is open to exploring opportunities as they arise. “We are always interested in taking calls and meeting new people,” she said.