Amyris Inc. is aiming to further its market leadership in the clean health and beauty space with the acquisition of hand sanitizer brand, Olika. Amyris is best known for its ownership of skin care brand, Biossance, and baby products line, Pipetteâ. Through the acquisition, Olika will gain access to more clean ingredients and formulation capability as it plans to reinvent additional hygiene and wellness staples.

Olika was developed by Nic and Thorne Perkin with the goal of offering beautifully packaged hand sanitizers with natural ingredients. The brand launched in 2017 with one SKU, Birdie, a 2-in-1 sanitizer, retailing for $7, featuring a spray on one end and dry towelettes on the other (the wipes have since been phased out). Today, the brand currently offers three refillable and recyclable hand sanitizer collections, formulated with 65 percent ethyl alcohol, nourishing ingredients and six essential oil fragrances. All products feature its unique, bird-inspired ergonomic shape designed to fit naturally in the palm of a user’s hand.

In 2019, the Perkins tapped Alastair Dorward, the Founding CEO of Method Products, as CEO to expand and enhance the Olika brand, increase revenue, and develop the portfolio of products. Alastair will join the Amyris team as Chief Brand Officer and will focus on redefining the standards of sustainability and efficacy in clean beauty and wellness, while accelerating growth and innovation for the Amyris family of consumer brands.