In time for Earth Month, brands are offering ways for consumers to make sustainable decisions with their beauty routines – from Superzero’s waterless hair care bars to newcomer Common Heir’s thoughtfully designed vitamin C serum, packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable capsules. Brands are also reintroducing themselves this spring as seen with M·A·C’s rebranding of its 20-year-old Face and Body Foundation; Fekkai’s reformulation of its 26-year-old Shea Butter hair care collection; European Wax Center’s full packaging upgrade; Heritage Store’s first brand refresh in 50 years, and the relaunch of home fragrance brand, Linnea.

Olaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask
Waitlist worthy: Infused with Olaplex’s multi-patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, as well as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, this highly concentrated formula is designed to add two times more shine, four times more hydration, six times more smoothness for all hair types after just one use. “Our No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask launch is projected to be our most successful launch ever for the brand. This launch was four years in the making as a hair mask, and was the most requested product from our community,” said JuE Wong, CEO of Olaplex.
Marketing plan:With a virtual attendance of nearly 120 editors on Zoom, we were able to further educate them on the uniqueness of the new hair mask and the proven science behind the brand,” said JuE. “We will engage our professional hair stylists who are our most powerful community in showcasing that our clinical claims have aesthetic pay-off with before and after transformations. Because all of our formulations are highly concentrated, we will be creating TikTok videos, IG reels and YouTube videos to educate and inform with how to use and how much to use. And we will inject fun, tongue-in-cheek UGC in the process.”
Availability: April 6 at and on the Sephora mobile app
Price: $28

M·A·C Studio Radiance Face and Body Sheer Radiant Foundation
Waitlist worthy: M·A·C’s iconic 20-year-old Face and Body Foundation is being reintroduced with a new look, name and expanded 30-shade range, while the formula remains unchanged.
Marketing plan: To bring to life the product, M·A·C enlisted a diverse cast composed of creatives, athletes and influencers who are radically comfortable in their own skin, and gave us access to their lives and experiences with Studio Radiance Face and Body. The result is beautiful, unretouched images and footage celebrating real skin from real people, which we will amplify through a multi-faceted 360-degree digital campaign. We’re of course also working with our global team of expert makeup Artists and cast members on a series of tutorials and live demos to showcase the key product benefits,” said Drew Elliott, SVP, Global Creative Director, M·A·C Cosmetics.
Availability: April 8 on and in-store (U.S. and Canada)
Price: $33

Cover FX Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser
Waitlist worthy: The first cleanser from Cover FX, the formula features vegetable-based amino acids that aim to help keep skin’s natural moisture barrier intact and melt away impurities; oat extracts to soothe and calm skin; grapefruit, cucumber and chamomile extracts designed to give skin a refreshing burst of hydration. Double cleansing is a major skin care trend that started in Korea and has been widely embraced worldwide — we are so excited to offer the benefits of a double cleanse, which usually requires two products, in a single formula that can be used without water as a makeup remover and/or with water as a cleanser,” said Nathalie Manivong, VP, Cover FX.
Marketing plan: “The marketing plan will include education around cleanser preferences, ingredient spotlights and before-and-after imagery showcasing the difference when the cleanser is used with and without water,” said Nathalie. “Education is key to help people understand the double cleanse and how it leads to benefits that you experience when you use the cleanser with or without water. We’ve been trained to choose a cleanser based on its texture, but it’s important to fully understand the end benefit when it comes to the first, if not most important, step of a skin care routine. This is Cover FX’s second skin care launch of the year, the brand will continue to leverage its community of highly-engaged influencers and ambassadors to educate around the double cleansing trend, how to use this product and visually showcase exactly what makes this product unique.”
Availability: April 26 on and April 30 at
Price: $42

Fekkai Shea Butter Collection
Waitlist worthy: The brand is reinventing its iconic Shea Butter Collection, first introduced in the 90s, with a new formulation featuring high quality shea butter and monoi oil to provide hydration to thick, wavy, and curly hair while locking in moisture to smooth and tame frizz. Bottles are made with 95 percent high-grade repurposed plastic and are 100 percent recyclable.
Marketing plan: “Fekkai has a longstanding heritage with Shea Butter, with me first launching the collection back in 1995.  With the re-launch of our Shea Butter, Fekkai aims to show that being authentic to your true self is beautiful.  Our campaign captures the effortless and confidant woman celebrating her natural waves, curls and coils,” said Frédéric Fekkai, Founder and CEO of Fekkai Brands. “To bring this to life we’ve developed a full 360-degree campaign that includes enticing visuals, personal touch and strategic partnerships with 25BWB and Swivel Beauty to authentically connect with women who crave intense hydration to care for their thick hair.  We have a strong focus on multi-tier influencer partnerships. We will host one-on-one socially distanced curlside appointments (a twist on the classic deskside), and have created a beautiful, sustainable mailer with the full collection.”
Availability: April 6 at Ulta Beauty and
Price: $25 – $52

Common Heir
Waitlist worthy: Recent recipients of Credo Beauty’s inaugural Credo for Change Mentorship Program, which elevates aspiring BIPOC founders, Angela Ubias and Cary Lin will launch with a high-grade, clinically proven vitamin C formula that is thoughtfully designed in plastic-free, biodegradable capsules and housed within a cardboard vessel. The capsules are filled with a clean, waterless, silicone-free, concentrated and stable vitamin C serum (10 percent THD), vitamin E and a botanical blend of marshmallow and licorice roots.
Marketing plan:The marketing and communications plan consists of ensuring that we clearly communicate how Common Heir is not only helping to alleviate skin care concerns, but also working to create a better environment for generations to come,” said Angela.  “Prior to launching, Common Heir partnered with Ocean Blue Project, a nonprofit dedicated to microplastic removal, to donate $1 per waitlist signup. We began with a referral program where early customers could refer friends and family to get to access the brand early, this way we were able to drive awareness via word of mouth. This then set us up for success with our pre-launch waitlist where customers can sign up early to have their product shipped within the next two weeks leading up to the official launch. We are keeping the brand as small-batch as possible, therefore we will take this time to be intentional when it comes to forecasting our offerings and minimizing waste as much as possible. As co-founders, we are respectful that many in the skin care and beauty space are being inundated with PR packages, so we chose to cultivate select relationships with our early community and beta testers through personal outreach and ‘getting to know you’ virtually on Zoom. We are grateful for those who gave us their time and space to share our founder story, our hero formula, and why we think the beauty industry needs a top-shelf movement that’s all results with zero plastic.”
Availability: April 6 on
Price: $88 for 60 capsules

GoopGlow Glow Lotion
Waitlist worthy: A lightweight moisturizer designed to offer up to 72 hours of hydration while also aiming to protect against a wide spectrum of light aggressors. The formula features active levels of a spirulina enzyme, sugar-derived squalane, Brazilian curupay, vitamin C and kakadu plum.
Marketing plan: “For Glow Lotion, we’re leaning into a mix of new and traditional marketing,” said Noora Raj Brown, Goop’s SVP of Communications and Brand Marketing. “We create and optimize content for each channel and audience, from having our CEO on the Today show to launching our TikTok channel the same day with a younger influencer and buzzy content that lends itself to virality. Goop is rooted in content; we make products to answer our own questions, so compelling copy and visual storytelling is always the focus, and our messaging hierarchy is consistent across channels: The two cornerstones of Goop skin care are clean and clinical.”
Availability: On, Goop stores, select hotels, select Sephora, Credo and Mecca stores
Price: $58 for 50 ml or $25 for 15 ml

Kjaer Weis Matte, Naturally Liquid Lipstick
Waitlist worthy: The first-ever certified organic liquid lipstick, Matte, Naturally is a six shade collection. The formula features a blend of hyaluronic acid, castor seed, sunflower seed and jojoba seed oil designed to hydrate deep into the lips while also moisturizing the outside and protecting from environmental stressors.
Marketing plan:Matte is a genre of lipstick that is notorious for leaving lips dry and uncomfortable, we are excited to gift influencers and media to experience this weight-less formula that glides on like a gloss, stays soft all day long and beautifully nourishes lips,” said Gillian Gorman Round, CEO, Kjaer Weis.
Availability: March 29 in Credo stores and, April 8 on
Price: Refill $20, Iconic Edition $30

Saje Aroma Rise and Diffuser Blends
Waitlist worthy: Saje will be launching new Aroma Rise diffusers in two shades, Dessert Rose and Pistachio, as well as three plant-based essential oil blends: Flower Bed, Fresh Bouquet and Spring Morning.
Marketing plan: “The marketing will be focused on an omni-channel experience,” said Janelle Shiplett – VP, Digital, Marketing & Creative, Saje Natural Wellness. “This fresh-spring experience will roll out in early April across all retail locations, and all digital channels. The end-to-end experience will ensure that the products come to life across the website and in our retail locations – from homepages to beautiful displays in-store. We are also working with a number of influential interior designers and content creators to drive online awareness, primarily through Instagram. Our social media, email and digital advertising will feature user-generated content, as well as professional in-situ shots to bring these new products to life, showcasing how they can be used to enhance wellness in any home. As we transition to Mother’s Day, we will lean on the floral and fresh aromas of our new blends as we celebrate ‘All Natural for All Moms.’”
Availability:  April 9 (Saje Aroma Rise), April 2 – July 1 (Diffuser Blends)
Price: $92 (Saje Aroma Rise ), $20 (Diffuser Blends)

European Wax Center at Home Pre- and Post-Wax Product Line, EWC
Waitlist worthy: European Wax Center is unveiling a pre- and post-wax care collection, EWC, with four exclusive lines – EWC Treat, EWC Slow, EWC Glow and EWC Groom. The collection of thirty products was formulated to solve guests’ most common waxing skin care needs and have gone through several clinical tests to ensure the products are providing results and upkeep between waxes. The upgraded product line features new packaging and still includes European Wax Center’s consumer favorites as well as the introduction of new items such as Post-Wax Calming Masks and a new Aloe Deodorant.
Marketing plan: “We’re extremely proud of the new look and innovation. Our team has spent the last two years doing extensive research and testing to ensure we developed a line of products driven by proven results that could easily be incorporated into guests’ daily routines,” said Chris Kobus, Chief Experience Officer of European Wax Center. “Following the unveiling of our confidence boosting products, we’ll be launching a campaign encouraging guests to celebrate the return of sunlight, self-care, and feeling confident – whatever that means to each of them personally. The campaign will be calling for guests to share the joy that is sparked from revealing glowing, radiant skin of your own.”
Availability: April 6 at and European Wax Center locations
Price: $12 – $40

Superzero Anti-Frizz Hair Serum Bar and Blondest Blonde Purple Shampoo Bar 
Waitlist worthy: “Our April launches are two of the world’s first products,” said Dr. Conny Wittke, Co-Founder of Superzero. “Our Frizz Fighter Bar is the first frizz fighting serum in a bar form. It’s 100 percent plant-derived, vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free and planet-friendly, featuring a truly unique blend of plant-derived ingredients that beat out silicones in both performance and sustainability. Our Blondest Blonde Shampoo Bar works with the principles of the color wheel to enhance blonde tones while gently cleansing and nourishing your hair.”
Marketing plan: “To celebrate these exciting launches, we are seeding it to influencer partners and press, and are integrating it into our brand-new ambassador program that we are very excited to be launching this month,” said Dr. Conny.
Availability: April 2 (Anti-Frizz Hair Serum Bar) and April 8 (Blondest Blonde Purple Shampoo Bar) at
Price: Anti-Frizz Hair Serum Bar ($22) Blondest Blonde Purple Shampoo Bar ($18)

Southern Butter Intimates Collection
Waitlist worthy: The all-natural Southern Butter Intimates Collection is designed to emulate the body’s natural chemistry. Moving beyond pure intimacy, the line of plant-based products, including stimulating balms, moisturizing body butters, and invigorating massage oils, is specially developed to nourish and revive delicate tissues, increase sensitivity, and hydrate skin. “It’s important for people to understand the benefits and/or harms of the products they put in and on their bodies, and we hope to be both a vital source of information and a natural product solution,” said Jodi Scott, CEO and Co-founder, Southern Butter. “At Southern Butter, we view sexuality as a natural journey, and we ultimately want to be a supportive partner along each of the various roads one can take on their quest.”
Marketing plan: “The marketing and communications strategy will be a multi-pronged approach,” said Jodi. “We not only have a robust digital ad campaign planned, but we will be utilizing influencers, subscriber boxes, and product sampling, in addition to extensive media outreach, newsletters, informational blogs, and social media messaging.”
Availability: April 1 at
Price: $23 for body butters and $28 for massage oils

i-On Skincare 
Waitlist worthy: The first-of-its-kind beauty brand features a proprietary age-disrupting technology stemming from over three decades of research. Developed by Dr. Xi Huang, a world leading authority on iron and skin, i-On uses a patented new technology, De-Ironizing Inducer (DII), which removes excess iron from the skin to prevent the formation of the free radicals that cause skin aging.
Marketing plan: “We will work with hyper targeted influencers of all skin types to share their firsthand experience using our products,” said Missy Godfrey, CEO, i-On Skincare.  “The robust marketing plan started with Zoom meetings and mailings to influential trade and consumer editors. We have distributed samples to 5,000 highly select women through our personal network and strategic partnerships with luxury boutiques, wellness centers and establishments that service our customer such as New York City’s AKS Salon and the Montage Hotels. We’ve offered our VIP trial participants pre-launch orders and are getting an early look at conversion and testimonials which we will leverage across our marketing channels. The authentic conversation with our customers is generating compelling UGC which we’ll deploy in organic and paid social. Once the product has been used for at least 42 days we’ll begin to capture the stories of wrinkle reduction and overall healthier skin through video on site and in live social selling. Email marketing will be a strong complimentary pillar for longtime deep community engagement and referral programs, as well as activating reviews on our site which are coming in at 5 stars straight out of the gate.”
Availability: April 1 at
Price: $125 (Age Disrupting Skin Cream), ($80) Age Disrupting Total Performance Eye Cream

Heritage Rosewater Regimen: Rosewater Cleanser, Rosewater Moisturizer & Rose Oil
Waitlist worthy: Heritage Store has undergone its first brand refresh in 50 years evolving its packaging and introducing three new products. There’s a gentle milk wash with squalane to main the skin’s moisture barrier, a soothing gel-cream with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to lock in moisture, and a nourishing rose oil with Rosehip seed that smooths skin’s texture. Products come in either glass or PCR bottles.
Marketing plan: “We connected with our loyal consumers and are so excited to finally be launching products that complete a Rosewater skincare regimen within our legacy Rosewater line,” said Maura Cannon Dick, Chief Marketing Officer, Heritage Store. “We started the brand in 1969 with our original two-ingredient Rosewater and today offer a full line for our consumers to enjoy. Our new product-in-use videos, product still-lifes, lifestyle imagery, and educational graphics will be used in a robust paid media campaign as well as organic social and email initiatives to drive brand awareness and educate about our clean beauty benefits. Press will introduce our vegan and cruelty-free innovations and highlight benefits that clarify, soothe, and hydrate. We’ll further focus on educating consumers through new shoppable blog articles, The Regimen How-To video tutorial, and Everything You Need to Know About PCR in conjunction with the celebration of Earth Day and circulated through organic social and email. Influencers will detail their experiences using the regimen touting the efficacy of a comprehensive daily routine that will leave you looking even better than you feel.
Availability: April 5 on
Price: $12 (Rosewater Cleanser), $19 (Rosewater Moisturizer) and $16 (Rose Oil)

TrustRX Face & Body Mist, 4-in-1 Cleanser, Hydro-E Serum, Hydro Bounce Back Cream
Waitlist worthy: Powered by plants and pharmacist developed, TrustRX consists of a face moisturizer, 4-in-1 cleanser, face and body mist and serum. The products are infused with adaptogens and antioxidant rich combinations of ashwagandha, bergamot, cypress, sandalwood, ginkgo biloba, and ylang-ylang to name a few. Designed for busy lifestyles, the clean plant-based formulas are meant to be multi-functional and skin nourishing. The 4-in-1 cleanser, for example, can be used for face, body, shampoo and hand cleanser (even dish washing soap).
Marketing plan: “While having a robust representation of PR and digital media, it is equally important that we are giving back to the community.  Which is why we are supporting Mercy House with a variety of hygeine products for every unit sold.  Our previous campaigns, Share Your Beautiful have supported nationwide self care and by giving to women in need and supporting transitional housing.,” explained Felicia Jayes, Director of North America of Clean Cosmetics, parent company of TrustRX.
Availability: April 15 at
Price: $12 each

Waitlist worthy: Luxury home fragrance brand has relaunched from Linnea’s Lights to Linnea with four new collections of hand-poured soy candles: Classic, Seasonal, Spring and Herbal. The candles are cruelty-free and packaged in earth-friendly recycled glass and paper. The brand also revamped its website to give consumers the ability to “build their own mood,” shop by scent, collection, or specific products. “We have successfully launched the brand with our most trusted retail partners with future plans to make it available online to our loyal following. We are finding, now more than ever, how important it is to transform your space around you,” said Laura Cler, Proprietor of Linnea.  
Marketing plan: “We will utilize email campaigns, influencer marketing, and new online shopping features to captivate our audience. We will focus on educating customers about the different experiences through fragrance and how to use it to influence the mood and space surrounding you. We have started this movement by mass mailing our Linnea Collection kit to prospective retail partners, inquiring media press, and our VIP customers. Linnea is an accessible, affordable, luxury fragrance house with more than just candles on the horizon,” said Laura.
Availability: April 1 at
Price: $25 for a Sample Kit which houses 20 mini wicked candle pods in Classic, Seasonal and Herbal scents, complete with a matchbox