Mushrooms are a great addition to many foods, but these nutritional powerhouses are beginning to make their way beyond your plate and into your next skin care product. Organic brand, Groh, is aiming to become the next big beauty breakthrough in anti-aging by fostering the power of this superfood throughout its skin care line.

The Groh Ergo Boost Complex collection was developed by Dr. Marvin Hausman MD, an immunologist and CEO of Entia Biosciences Inc., Groh’s parent company. Dr. Hausman and his team said they unlocked a new way to use the combination of ergothioneine, an antioxidant derived from mushrooms, and plant-derived Vitamin D while conducting research for the treatment of patients with autoimmune diseases.

“Ergothioneine could be one of the most important protectors of cells in the world,” explained Dr. Hausman. “Mushrooms boast this powerful antioxidant, and they’re the only ones in the world that can produce it to any sizable degree.”

The discovery enabled the development of the Ergo Boost line, which is powered by a patented light enrichment technology that works to enhance the delivery of a signature blend of high-potency mushrooms and micronutrients directly to the cellular level of the body. The ingredients work synergistically with the goal of strengthening and repairing cells, and boosting health skin, scalp, hair and lashes.

“Unlike the majority of hair and skin care products that treat only symptoms, Ergo Boost Complex works internally with the body’s complex biological system to treat the nutritional deficiencies that cause many hair and skin issues, and that diet alone fails to provide,” said Dr. Hausman.

Products include Ergo Boost Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment ($59), Daily Replenishing Supplement ($39), Skin Recharge Cleansing Bar (2 bars/$22) and Skin Repair Treatment ($42).

A luxury in-salon service, Ergo Boost Professional Hair & Scalp Treatment ($25) is also available in hundreds salons across the country and boosts the ability to provide thicker, shiner, healthier hair and encourage hair growth after just one treatment.

Products can be purchased online at and in select high-end salons across the country, including Mario Tricocci (currently performing over 5,000 salon scalp treatments a month) and Red Door salon.