Cosmoprof North America kicked off Sunday morning with a keynote presentation by The Huffington Post founder, author and journalist, Arianna Huffington, where she addressed hundreds of members of the professional beauty industry on a number of topics, including three metrics on how business leaders can redefine what is considered success in today’s world.

Her advice was preceded by several confessions, including her lifelong struggle with her hair (it’s naturally frizzy), her sometime incomprehensible accent (Greek), and the key to building a rich life: accept the way you are. Arianna’s philosophy on aging is to do so gracefully, with a bit of maintenance—she credited her smooth skin to aesthetician-turned-friend, Mila, now her “addiction,” a share that ran deep with the crowd of beauty professionals. Surgery, however, is a no-go.

As for her metrics on redefining success in today’s business world, which she said need to evolve past money and power, these are Arianna’s suggestions:

1. A Renewed Focus On Wellness and Health is Critical: Huffington Post’s new Washington D.C. office will be outfitted with a yoga room, a meditation room and a place for employees to take naps. There are already two napping facilities in its New York office. The importance of sleep and unplugging from the digital world (Arianna bans all electronic work devices from her boudoir) is critical for eliminating stresses, and the days of one-upping a colleague on 17-hour work days has to come to a stop. “Men correlate sleep deprivation with machismo and virility,” she said. Women, she added, internalize stress more than men, and she cited a study that says women in stressful jobs have a 40% greater threat of heart disease and 60% greater threat of diabetes. Arianna shared a personal story, recalling how in 2007 she literally fainted from exhaustion, hit her head on her desk, breaking her cheekbone and getting four stitches on her right eye. It was a rude awakening that forced her to re-evaluate her life and choices. She’s now a self-proclaimed sleep evangelist in order to be more effective and more joyful.

2. Wisdom Matters:

Leaders need to be wise, which is different than being smart, Arianna said. “As leaders, we are not going to make wise decisions if we are disconnected from our own source of wisdom. There are many leaders making terrible decisions. The problem is not that they are not smart, the problem is that they are not wise.”

3. Increase Our Capacity to Wonder at Life: Experience the beauty around you. So often we are walking and not noticing anything. There is hardly anybody not connected to a device. We need to learn to disconnect. “And I speak as someone who runs a 24/7 global technology company. If we don’t learn to disconnect from out technology we are going to burn out as a civilization and as a individuals.”