Catering to steamy summer weather is what many August 2022 beauty product launches were designed to do, that and prepping for a return to more polished looks come fall. Items to take consumers from summer chic to fall sleek include an innovative new hair dryer designed to deliver a healthier blowout; a multi-functional peptides-packed primer; and a new brightening serum formulated with SPF 30 available in 30 shades. Here, the launches you need to know for August.


BeautyStat Cosmetics Universal Triple Action Daily Peel 

Waitlist Worthy: The Universal Triple Action Daily Peel combines three pre-dosed acids that look to will wipe away dry skin and dead surface cells, reduce dullness, and even tone and texture over time. The Daily Peel is patent pending; clinical testing reveals it’s as effective as a dermatologist’s in-office peel. It is also glycolic acid free. Consumer test results show that 95 percent of users saw improvement in skin brightness, smoothness, and evenness.

Marketing Plan: “Given the product provides instant visible results, we have an aggressive sampling campaign in place that rolls out the week of August 15. This includes sending a sample to customers who buy our star Vitamin C serum, the Universal C Skin Refiner. I also plan to seed the product to various influencers and content creators across Instagram and TikTok. I will be posting a video of myself that explains why I created the product, why it is unique, and will share the impressive clinical and consumer test results. This video will be shared on all the BeautyStat social channels” said founder and CEO, Ron Robinson.

Availability + Price:  $29 (10 pack), $75 (30 pack) on

Bio Ionic Smart-X High Efficiency Dryer

Waitlist Worthy: “Smart-X measures air and heat 100 times per second to ensure consistent output for a faster, healthier blow-dry,” shared Deborah Marquardt, Senior Vice President, Global Communications, Content & Creative at Beauty by Imagination (BBI). “The sleek, compact, and lightweight design combined with its smart settings and customizable features make it equal parts beauty and brains.”

Marketing Plan: “Highlighting the unique form and features of Smart-X while also showcasing its performance are key to our content-focused launch strategy. We’ll be utilizing both macro and micro-influencers, our nationwide team of educators, and our own in-house content team to create cross-platform videos that educate, inform, and celebrate this breakthrough tool,” added Deborah. “With impressive claims, before and after imagery, testimonials, and 360° communications plan—inclusive of both consumer and trade partners—Bio Ionic will build buzz and encourage trial over the coming months.”

Availability + Price: Available at beginning August 1. Available on Amazon,, Ulta Beauty,, Salon Centric (online and in-store) beginning September 1. Smart-X will sell for $329; the diffuser sold separately for $30.


Caliray So Blown Blurring Collagen Peptide Primer

Waitlist Worthy: So blown is designed to blur, hydrate and prime makeup to last all day long – even when it’s beyond hot outside. The versatile product can be worn on its own as a clear foundation, under makeup, mixed in with glow drops or skin tints, or to help sharpen eyeliners—and more.

Marketing Plan: “We’re rounding out our product lineup for face with the perfect accompaniment to our Freedreaming Skin Wellness Diffusing Tint and Just Add Rays Glow Boosting Drops — completing our holy trinity of clean formulas that work in unison to create the naturally effortless and radiant beauty look of Caliray,” said Jenna Dover, Vibeologist of Caliray. “To amplify the launch of So Blown, we’re pulling many levers. We’re engaging influencers (from mega to micro) to tap many different niche audiences from primer purists to natural beauty lookers to ingredient freaks and sustainability geeks. We’re also organically gifting product, hosting in-person events, and amplifying our efforts with strategic paid media pushes.”

Availability + Price: $36 at


Curie Juniper Eucalyptus Full Body Deodorant Spray

Waitlist Worthy: This exclusive new scent was co-developed and designed to complement Equinox’s signature chilled eucalyptus towels offered in their clubs. The co-branded new scent will be available exclusively in Curie’s best-selling Full Body Deodorant Spray (as seen on “Shark Tank”) and will be available in all 105 Equinox Clubs worldwide this summer as a no-cost amenity for members to freshen up before or after their workout.

Marketing Plan: “We will be supporting the launch by partnering with fitness creators and Curie fans on Instagram Reels and TikTok to help create buzz around the new scent,” said Curie founder, Sarah Moret. “This is the first new scent we’ve launched in two years and is a direct response to feedback we’ve received from our male customer base who have been wanting a more gender-neutral fragrance. We sent samples out to over 100 customers pre-launch and conducted a survey to gather feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive across the board. We’re really excited to finally see this product come to life.”

Availability + Price: $14 at, as well as in Equinox Club Stores.



EcoTools Scalp Gua Sha Comb

Waitlist Worthy: The Scalp Gua Sha Comb features jade to help with detoxification. It looks to deeply stimulate the scalp to distribute product throughout the hair and is perfect to use in or out of the shower.

Marketing Plan: “The use of gua sha has gained a ton of popularity in consumers’ beauty routines for the face and body—and now the scalp,” said Amanda Alayan, Senior Director of Marketing & Innovation, PPI Beauty. “We are seeing a huge uptick in user-generated content around gua sha’ing where influencers explain the benefits, showcase the results, and teach their communities how to use these tools. We will be leveraging our own educational content throughout our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) through the usage of infographics while also working with content creators to generate excitement and awareness of our scalp gua sha.”

Availability + Price:  $10 at and

Evolvetogether Provence Hydrating Hand Cream

Waitlist Worthy: The brand’s award-winning hand cream formula is now available in a new scent that’s a subtle, calming mix of modern lavender and chamomile. Inspired by the Musée International de la Parfumerie in Provence’s Grasse, France, this modern lavender scent features notes of vanilla, chamomile, and soft wood, formulated with the same non-greasy, hydrating, vitamin-infused formula.

Marketing Plan: “We’re so excited for the launch of our Hydrating Hand Cream in Provence,” said Cynthia Sakai, founder of Evolvetogether. “Lots of folks have already signed up to get notified as soon as it launches and of course, we’ll share the new scent (and well-loved formula!) with micro-influencers, editors, and friends of the brand. But most of our launch will be supported by our incredible community—and why we’ll be announcing directly to our customers via Instagram, text, and 400K+ email list.”

Availability + Price: $23 at


Elta MD Skin Recovery Mask

Waitlist Worthy: The Skin Recovery Night Mask, powered by the brand’s patented AAComplex and chronobiology technology, helps encourage the skin’s nighttime repair and renewal process by strengthening the skin barrier overnight.

Marketing Plan: “The launch of the EltaMD Skin Recovery Night Mask is so meaningful because it represents a breakthrough addition to our first-ever skin care system,” said Echo Sandburg, Chief Brand Officer, CP Skin Health. “Although maintaining a strong skin barrier is extremely important for protection against environmental aggressors, such as radiation from UV rays, it is a relatively new topic. That’s why EltaMD is partnering with skin health professionals and even a sleep scientist to help educate about the skin barrier and the skin’s nighttime renewal process. Expect to see educational and entertaining video-based social content about the skin barrier and the Skin Recovery Night Mask from EltaMD partners across Instagram and TikTok.”

Availability + Price: $50 at, Amazon; on Lovelyskin beginning September


Faceé’s Ice Globes

Waitlist Worthy: Available in new gold and clear colorways, as well as pink, these new globes come with a unique flat surface on one side to better treat broader facial regions. Globes also boast thicker glass than most ice globes on the market to allow for added strength and less risk of breakage. Ice globes’ benefits include skin tightening, oxygenation, and toning, as well as a reduction in puffiness and redness. They are also known to stimulate blood flow and aid in lymphatic drainage.

Marketing Plan: “We will be doing a majority of the promotion via social media and traditional media channels,” said Dina Mustedanagic, Founder of Faceé. “We’re so grateful to have developed a strong organic fan base, so we’ll be building off this by gifting the new globes to influencers who are already fans of the brand, as well as a new group of influencers. We’ll also be utilizing traditional media channels for earned media opportunities about the globes.”

Availability + Price: $75 for a set of two at


Hello Products Toothpaste Tablet Refills

Waitlist Worthy: Antiplaque + Whitening, Activated Charcoal: Hello’s award-winning toothpaste tablet refills are now available in compostable pouches made with sustainably sourced wood pulp. They come in two flavors, Antiplaque + Whitening and Activated Charcoal. They’re a plastic-free alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes and are water-free and TSA friendly. They aim to whiten teeth, remove surface stains and plaque, and freshen teeth.

Marketing Plan: “Our friendly brushers can’t get enough of our best-selling toothpaste tablets and its beautiful, sustainable, recyclable, plastic-free packaging,” said Rekha Rao, CEO, Hello Products. “So they’re going to absolutely flip for our new refills, which come in compostable bags. To showcase all of the benefits of the packaging and the product itself, we’re planning to rock our new TikTok platform—the fastest growing account in the oral care category. Plus, we’ll be taking these travel-friendly tabs on the road to some exciting venues and fun places.”

Availability + Price: $27.99 /180-count pouch on and


Higher Dose Ingestibles

Waitlist Worthy: This marks HigherDose’s foray into ingestibles. The launch is centered on the sea, tapping into magnesium as the primary ingredient powering each formula alongside potent marine minerals—for hydration, rejuvenation, and revitalization. There are also Detox Drops designed to mobilize toxins from cells/tissues; Chill Chews for relaxation and stress management; and Highdration Powder for hydration.

Marketing Plan: “Our two-pronged sales strategy will promote the ingestibles for both standalone purchases and up-sell opportunities with hero tech,” said Fiona Hillery, Head of Brand Marketing & Communications at HigherDose. “The marketing launch campaign features multi-media video content, highlighting stackable product rituals to up your daily DOSE (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins). We’ll also be activating our social community with UGC giveaways and leveraging our extensive network of affiliate athletes and nutritionists to educate around magnesium’s benefits.”

Availability + Price: Detox Drops ($29), Chill Chews ($39) and High-dration Powder ($39) at


KaramMD Polish Enzymatic Exfoliating Powder

Waitlist Worthy: Polish Enzymatic Exfoliating Powder steps in to rid the skin of dry, flaky cells to brighten complexion luminosity. The exfoliating powder aims to rid skin of dry, flaky cells that rob complexions of brightness and luminosity. The polish can be used as infrequently as one to three times a week or as often as every day. Papain and bromelain, safely “digest” dead cells, rendering them gentler to the skin than at-home peels.

Marketing Plan: “We are planning for full 360-degree marketing support for the launch,” said Shenoa Riegel, Brand Manager of KaramMD. “This will include social media teasers and dedicated posts, newsletter announcements, educational videos, and working with our community of influencers and ambassadors to help spread awareness. We will focus on a multi-channel strategy that connects with our customers on the platforms they use most.”

Availability + Price: $68 available at


Necessaire The Sunscreen

Waitlist Worthy: “We developed The Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++ as a daily, all-in-one formula that fuses protection care with skin care,” said Randi Christiansen, co-founder and CEO. “We used 20 percent non-nano zinc oxide, an advanced zinc dispersion technology and a 1 percent laminaria saccharina (algae) blend to help protect against sun/pollution damage and prevent premature aging. We added hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and panthenol to help hydrate skin and strengthen skin’s protective barrier. It is so hydrating that it doubles as a moisturizer.  I also love that we deliver the formula in an airless pack made out of vegetable waste from France.”

Marketing Plan: “To create early buzz, we leveraged a 360-degree teaser campaign, garnering excitement from our community across email, SMS, website, social and influencer channels,” said Maureen Choi, VP of Brand. “These activities collectively drove traffic to a designated landing page where users could sign up to shop the product first. This strategy resulted in a 200 percent lift in subscriber growth which supported our launch initiatives. Post-launch, we are now seeding the product to get reviews and kickstart the dialogue with our community. We do recognize a mineral sunscreen comes with advantages and disadvantages. Our content strategy is about the authentic dialogue.”

Availability + Price: $35 at


Orly Fall 2022 Collection: Surrealist

Waitlist Worthy: This melancholic chic collection features shades like Metamorphosis, a shimmery teal copper, Persistent Memory, a coquettish deep creamy red, and Ceci N’est Pas Blanc, a gothic white. It’s also the perfect collection to create the surrealist-inspired nail art like the Drip French Tip.

Marketing Plan: “For this launch, we’re focusing on an authentic approach that invites people to explore the collection with real fans through our Color Pass program,” said Tal Pink, Vice President of Business Development at Orly. ”Color Pass is a subscription program that provides super fans early access–two weeks prior to official release–to the collection. Since 2020, the program has grown over 600 percent. The super fans are genuinely excited for each seasonal release and share their authentic, unsponsored reviews and swatch videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This UGC drives a huge demand in the weeks leading up to the launch. We also work with select nail content creators like Tinybrushes for IG Live videos where fans connect with her directly for her unfiltered thoughts on the collection. We also work with nail artists to share their nail art inspired by the collection. This authentic approach allows consumers to experience the collection through the eyes of real fans and get inspired to create their own masterpiece with nail art by their favorite nail artists, too.”

Availability + Price: Available at and Pro Lacquer Formula $10.50/each, $63 for a six-piece set. GelFx Formula, $19.90 each, $119.40 for a six-piece set.


The Good Mineral Loves You Back 3in1 Powder Foundation

Waitlist Worthy: A weightless, 3-in-1 foundation for sensitive skin that allows consumers to save time and achieve natural, clean coverage without irritation.

Marketing Plan: “The official launch kicked off in May in NYC by introducing it at The Makeup Show. We also had a media day in LA,” said founder Ego Iwegbu. “We have since had over 10 articles/mentions and won two beauty awards. We have interviewed a dermatologist, esthetician and consumers on our IGLIVE @thegoodmineral and recently had our first content creator review the product on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.”

Availability + Price: $39 at


Olive & June Nail Brightener

Waitlist Worthy: Nail Brightener is the glowy, shimmery solution to staining. This pearlescent shimmer finish illuminates and conceals imperfections. Lemon peel and lemon extract help brighten nails and conceal stains while UV filters absorb light and reflect it as blue light. A stain shield helps protect nails from the environment.

Marketing Plan: “The launch of Nail Brightener is being supported by a 360-marketing campaign including email, text, digital, community and social activations,” said Sarah Leech Aucutt, CRO of Olive & June. “For us, innovation always starts with understanding and anticipating the needs of our community. Nail brightener to hide nail stains was a big ask from our customers so we wanted to involve them in the launch. Pre-launch, we engaged our customers, specifically ones who had complained of nail staining, and sent them a free sample to try before launch. We then hosted a series of secret sessions which gave our Olive You Club members, customers who had experienced staining in the past and ambassadors a sneak peek of the launch.  This included a product development Q&A session which focused on product education, ingredients, and application tips.  On social, we led with demonstrating the incredible impact of the product visually via reels, stories, and posts, leaning into the before and after photos. We also have a series of lives planned which enable us to answer product-related questions in real time. The response to the launch has been incredibly positive.”

Availability + Price: $14 at


Shielded Beauty Self-Defense Eye Cream

Waitlist Worthy: This cream protects and rejuvenates the most delicate part of the skin—the eye area.  It battles against environmental aggressors, like pollution, free radicals, blue light, and airborne impurities. Upon application, it aims to immediately help depuff, firm, nourish, and hydrate the under eyes. Self Defense Eye Cream is packaged sustainably.

Marketing Plan: To promote the launch, “we are conducting clinical trials along with consumer perception studies,” said brand founder, Sonia Summers. “We will run ads and tap into our influencer community across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.”

Availability + Price: $42 at and


Tula Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Skin Tint Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30

Waitlist Worthy: This brightening serum skin tint is available in 30 shades and is clinically tested to help improve skin radiance. It provides lightweight coverage with broad spectrum SPF 30, protection against blue light and pollution damage, and clinically effective skincare ingredients like niacinamide, ceramides, and collagen.

Marketing Plan: The 30 shade range will be available on and exclusively at Ulta Beauty with digital-first 360 marketing efforts including creator partnerships, storytelling social content on TikTok and Instagram, and a custom digital shade-finder experience on built by TULA’s in-house development team,” said Savannah Sachs, CEO. “The shade-finder site experience allows customers to seamlessly match themselves through undertones and model imagery for each shade without having to hunt through small swatch circles or multi-step quizzes.”

Availability + Price: $40 at and Ulta Beauty