In this month’s new product spotlight CEW Beauty News highlights new innovative category offerings including the debut of a clean, inclusive foundation line, a hand soap with the ability to dispense an image in the user’s hand, and color shifting makeup.

exa | Credo’s House Makeup Line
Waitlist worthyClean beauty retailer, Credo, is taking on the lack of diverse makeup shades in the clean category with the launch of exa, a makeup range that will debut with two products: a primer and a 43-shade foundation range.
Marketing plan: The brand’s primary messaging will be, Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out? “With this strong POV comes great privilege—we have the opportunity to shift traditional beauty ideals, showcase diverse characters, tell more stories about under-represented people, amplify our values and foster a heterogeneous audience,” said Lydia Kandel, Senior Director of Marketing, Credo. “This message is woven into all marketing from social, email, and all collateral.” For the launch, the brand will focus on digital initiatives, including Zoom desksides with editors and influencers hosted by celebrity makeup Katey Denno. Additionally, they are seeding products to an inclusive group of Instagram and TikTok influencers, makeup artists, as well as a diverse cast of models, with consideration of all sexes and WOC. Consumers will be encouraged to test the shades before purchasing with complimentary exa Discovery Kits that will be available at and Lastly, exa is partnering with Newness, a new virtual beauty streaming platform, to create a dedicated clean beauty series.
Availability: August 7 on, and at Credo stores.
Price: High Fidelity Semi-Satin Foundation ($38), Jump Start Smoothing Primer ($36)

Act+Acre Plant Based Dry Shampoo
Waitlist Worthy: This plant-based dry shampoo is designed to absorb residue and odor while delivering minerals to refresh and support healthy hair. Its star ingredients are fulvic acid, which is a super-nutrient extracted from organic plant matter that detoxifies the scalp and delivers minerals directly into the follicle to restore the microbiome; and organic rice and tapioca powders, which are oil- and odor-absorbing powders that turn transparent when applied. Both blend universally with all hair colors, while simultaneously improving overall scalp health and hair texture.
Marketing plan: The brand’s messaging will be centered around the innovation of the product to appeal to a broader set of audiences. “We’re tapping into the health, fitness, and wellness markets by educating how dry shampoo can be used pre-workout to absorb sweat and oil before they even occur,” said Helen Reavey, Founder, Act+Acre. “We’re also showing how helpful the product could be to new moms who don’t have time to engage in their full hair care routine while taking care of their new baby. Since many people are still working from home, dry shampoo can also be used to quickly refresh before a Zoom meeting. Lastly, we’re speaking to clean beauty enthusiasts who really care about ingredients in products, and honing in on the fact that this is plant-based, non-aerosol, and only has six ingredients, while still giving an enhanced performance. This will all come to life through pre-launch teaser videos shown through various social channels using our network of organic content creators and beauty lovers.”
Availability: August 20 on, Urban Outfitters, Net-A-Porter, Free People, and Verishop
Price: $22

Harry Josh Pro Tools 3-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron
Waitlist worthy:  The 3-in-1 Curling Iron combines the professional styling of a spring-free marcel iron with the comfort of a traditional spring clamp curling iron plus the fluidity of a wand, allowing all who use it to create a variety of looks. Made from nano-ceramic and tourmaline technology, the barrel emits negative ions that aim to smooth strands and maintain moisture balance. The extra-large ceramic heater ensures that the barrel evenly heats from top to bottom while advanced digital technology allows for a heat-up time of 40 seconds. It will be available in two barrel sizes, 1 inch and 1.25 inch.
Marketing plan: “Our main marketing goal with this launch is education around this one-of-a-kind tool,” said Cat Smith, General Manager for Harry Josh Pro Tools.  “Our new 3-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron allows both professionals and beauty enthusiasts to pare down the amount of tools they own while still achieving any look they dream up.  Because this launch is exclusive to Dermstore, we have partnered with the team to launch a full, 360-marketing campaign through their channels. In addition to activations with Dermstore, we have a targeted PR plan including virtual media appointments with Harry himself and product seeding to top stylists, influencers and celebrities. We are also excited that this will be our first launch to seed on TikTok as we begin to explore working with creators on the platform, specifically those who feature hair tutorials.”
Availability: August 20 at
Price: 1 inch, $1751.25 inch, $185

My Kirei by KAO Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash
Waitlist Worthy: The newest addition to the brand’s sustainable personal care offerings is the Yuzu Flower Foam Hand Wash. Housed in a refillable bottle, it features an innovative delivery system that dispenses the perfect amount of foam soap in the form of a beautiful imprint of the Japanese Yuzu Flower. The dispenser is designed to be easy to use for people of all ages and abilities, and the formula aims to keep hands hydrated all day long.
Marketing plan: We will be leaning heavily into social media, influencers and consumer UGC for this launch due to the unique and innovative dispenser,” said Marissa Vallilo, Director of Marketing for MyKirei by KAO. “The product lends itself so well for content creation due to the visual nature of the foam flower, and we hope this will not only inspire people to create word of mouth, but also redefine the ritual of handwashing, making the process more exciting…for all ages. The fun factor of the flower foam is exciting for everyone, so we hope to create a viral campaign that speaks to a wide audience. By leveraging our heritage from Japan in hand washing education, we are also creating a program here in the U.S. this Fall that will help instill the culture of cleanliness into the next generation – something that has been taught by Kao in Japan for decades.”
Availability: Mid-August at
Price: $18

Lumene Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Collection
Waitlist Worthy: Developed to deliver hydration and soothing protection to dehydrated and irritated skin, the Lumene Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Collection is formulated with a proprietary blend of Nordic bilberry, oat and canola oils sustainably sourced in Lumene’s Nordic homeland of Finland.
Marketing plan: With a digital only marketing approach, the campaign will build around four key activation pillars: online PR, influencer activations, virtual Q&A’s with the band’s VP of R&D and a digital marketing campaign focused on content rich story telling. “Campaign content is optimized for each stage of the consumer journey, ensuring the right content and messaging is delivered to the consumer at the right time in their decision forming journey,” said Victor Gibson, General Manager of New Markets & eCommerce, Lumene.  “We will be focused first on brand messaging, and then our potent Arctic ingredients and all the benefits these bring with the aim of building a wave of awareness and desirability focused on delivering consumers to site with the highest purchase intent.”
Availability: Mid-August on
Price: Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Moisture & Relief Rich Day Cream ($26.99), Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Moisture & Relief Rich Oleo Serum ($32.99) and Arctic Hydra Care [Arktis] Moisture & Relief Rich Eye Cream ($26.99)

Ciaté London Shadow Flip (Eye Shadow) + Sun Switch Nail Polish 
Waitlist Worthy: Ciaté’s new multi-chrome liquid eye shadow is designed to appear to change color as light reflects over the contours of the eye, and is available in three shades: Peacock (green to purple), Ember (orange to green) and Wonder (pink to green). Also, this month, the brand is launching Sun Switch, a UV activated nail varnish designed to change color while exposed to sun, available in three hues: Clean Slate (turquoise to grey), Marshmallow (white to pink) and Treasure Chest (silver glitter to red glitter).
Marketing plan: For Shadow Flip, the brand will be connecting with press, media, makeup artists and content creators via digital and social media channels to bring this innovation (and wow experience) to life. “We have become synonymous globally for our innovation in color. When we launched Glitter Flip, our matte to glitter liquid lipstick, we literally broke the internet. With three sold every minute. We’ve taken everything we learned from that launch and poured it into this new Shadow Flip launch,” said Charlotte Knight, Founder, Ciaté. For Sun Switch, the brand will also be connecting with press, media and content creators via digital and social media channels.
Availability: Shadow Flip launched August 6 and Sun Switch Nail Polish will launch August 20 on
Price: Shadow Flip ($20) and Sun Switch Nail Polish ($15)

Non Gender Specific Everything Cream
Waitlist Worthy: A multi-correctional face cream formulated with 23 botanicals, including avocado oil, sunflower seed oil and orange peel oil, designed to deliver phytonutrients and hydration deep into the skin. This formula is also designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores, brighten the complexion and provide a natural barrier protection against UV rays.
Marketing plan: We’re taking a completely different marketing approach with Everything Cream, featuring a diverse group of models in our imagery for the first time,” said Andrew Glass, Founder and CEO, Non Gender Specific. “Until now we’ve focused solely on the product themselves and their ingredients in our marketing campaigns, but we think it’s the right time to start showcasing the extreme diversity represented in our customer base.”
Availability: August 4 at and in-store at Credo Beauty locations nation-wide.
Price: $58

Naturopathica Holy Basil & Retinol Ageless Night Oil and Passion Fruit & Retinol Ageless Eye Serum
Waitlist Worthy: Naturopathica is aiming to reinvent the clean aging category with new introductions to their Defy collection that combine retinol and other advanced cosmeceutical ingredients with highly effective herbs in clean bases. The Holy Basil & Retinol Ageless Night Oil and Passion Fruit & Retinol Ageless Eye Serum are just two of a new four-product collection that the brand said will reveal firmer, smoother skin without irritation. “The traditional thinking is that retinol is harsh and irritating so it should be discounted. This collection proves that smoother, firmer skin can be obtained by leveraging the best of traditional herbalism with a judicious, nuanced understanding of chemistry and the skin. We’re convinced that these effective, elegant formulas will overturn everything you thought you knew about the relationship between performance and skin sensitivity,” said Emma Froelich-Shea, President of Naturopathica Holistic Health, Inc.
Marketing plan: The marketing campaign revisits the ancient practice of herbalism through the lens of modern science.  Customers will find the brand’s storytelling in social media, digital advertising, and in-store, both within its own locations and Naturopathica’s network of 300+ partner spas across the country.
Availability: August 24 at
Price: Holy Basil & Retinol Ageless Night Oil ($124) and Passion Fruit & Retinol Ageless Eye Serum ($96)

Saint Jane Bright Repair Eye Cream
Waitlist Worthy: Bright Repair Eye Cream incorporates 10% Vitamin C, which has been encapsulated in glycerin with the goal of providing deep absorption, 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD designed to calm and de-puff, and resveratrol which is intended to help protect the delicate area from environmental stressors. “Eye Cream is by far our most requested product since we launched in January 2019 but it has also taken the longest to formulate to get it ‘right,’” explained Casey Georgeson, CEO and Founder, Saint Jane.  “My biggest problem with cream-based formulas is how they tend to pill when applied – it’s the absolute worst under makeup. So, this 100 percent clean formula not only had to be brightening, intensely hydrating and nourishing, but also fast-absorbing.”
Marketing plan: “We initially launched Bright Repair Eye Cream on our own site 2 weeks ahead of the Sephora launch and it was an instant bestseller,” said Casey. “We are supporting the launch with a 360-marketing plan including email marketing, organic and paid social media, influencer and press outreach.”
Availability: Sephora on August 3
Price: $65

Birchbox Arrow Oil Cleansing Spray and Aluminum-Free Deo 
Waitlist Worthy: This duo is perfect for consumers with active lifestyles. The Oil Cleansing Spray format eliminates the mess of traditional oil cleansers and allows users to spray the perfect amount on their face, making removing makeup easy. The pump is crimped, not a twist-off—so there’s no risk of spills on the go. Made with coconut oil lipids and vitamin E, it leaves skin feeling extra soft and nourished. The Aluminum-Free Deodorant blocks odor rather than blocking sweat, allowing skin to breathe naturally.
Marketing Plan: “We launched our Oil Cleansing Spray to our Birchbox subscribers first through our August box customization program,” said Kristin Ratcliffe, Birchbox Senior Merchant and Brand Manager. This allowed subscribers the opportunity to swap their August box for a full-size Arrow Oil Cleansing Spray and be the first to try this brand new launch, she added. “We will feature a 20ml sample size of the Oil Cleansing Spray in our ‘No Stress Beauty Kit,’ featuring a selection of Birchbox’s wellness-meets-skincare favorites, launching on August 15,” Ratcliffe said. The Aluminum-Free Deodorant will launch on for purchase on August 19. “We will also spotlight the new deodorant as part of our ‘Clean Deodorant Try-it-Kit’, featuring a selection of aluminum-free deodorants for customers to sample on August 21,” Ratcliffe noted. “Finally, we will be promoting both launches to our wider customer base via dedicated email, on-site skyline, and social coverage starting on August 19.”
Availability: August 4
Price: $24 (Oil Cleansing Spray) and $16 (Deodorant)

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr Visionary Collection
Waitlist Worthy: Founded by Patrick Starrr, ONE/SIZE is extra ordinary makeup with what the brand promises to be larger than life performances. The Visionary Collection contains a 15-shade eyeshadow palette, one 24-hr liquid eyeliner pen, two 24-hr gel eyeliner pencils, and five eye popper sparkle eyeshadows. Patrick’s goal when creating the Visionary collection is to allow everyone to be able to express themselves freely in their own unique way because makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits all.
Marketing plan: “ONE/SIZE is a content-empowered brand that provides unexpected entertainment every step of the way,” explained Sarah El-Annan, VP Marketing, ONE/SIZE.  “With every go-to market launch, including our Visionary Eye Collection, we’ll deliver A+ storytelling on digital, social and our omni initiatives with our exclusive retailer Sephora. The Visionary Eye Collection was inspired by our founder Patrick Starrr’s own journey of vulnerability, empowerment and discovering himself through self-expression and the world of beauty. Inspired by that belief, ONE/SIZE represents every brand of beauty and we want our community to see themselves in our brand and in our products. We have a strong partnership with content publishers Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, that’s sharpened our consumer touchpoint.”
Availability: July 30, at,
Price: $19-$24