Tribe Dynamics has revealed the top 10 most socially influential beauty brands for the month of August. A brand’s earned media value is calculated by the number of posts (blog; YouTube videos; tweets; Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest posts) as well as by engagement in the aforementioned platforms.

1. MAC $9,587,486 EMV

2. NARS $7,621,160 EMV

3. L’ORÉAL $6,937,238 EMV
4. URBAN DECAY $6,171,111 EMV
5. NYX $6,053,868 EMV
6. MAYBELLINE $5,137,000 EMV

7. OPI $4,591,292 EMV

8. TOO FACED $4,210,536 EMV

9. REVLON $3,225,855 EMV


Tribe Dynamics’ analysis shows that two of the Top 10 brands, M.A.C and NYX, utilize a marketing tactic known as the ‘all in’ mentality, a key principle for brand leadership. M.A.C, for example, provides a seemless and consistent brand experience with almost every brand interaction, no matter how small the engagement. Tribe’s August report cited a recent visit to M.A.C’s New York headquarters as an example of its 360-approach to image.

“Upon first stepping off the elevator and into the reception area, you’re greeted by a familiar sleek, avant-garde aesthetic not unlike the one found at any given M.A.C retail chain. Your next discovery would be that each and every executive is ensconced head-to-toe in black, an iconic color for M.A.C, with flawless, professional-grade makeup, or some other outward expression of an affinity for fashion and style.”

This ‘all in’ mentality, Tribe concludes, is representative of strength and resiliency in the cohesive personality the brand has taken measured steps to create.

In the case of NYX, the ‘all in’ mentality is in its earlier stages, but still quite apparent. Tribe writes:

“NYX’s strength has been its ability to involve its community of color makeup fans throughout its self-discovery as a brand. With a digital strategy rooted in user-generated content and earned media, the shaping of its brand personality is very much in the hands of loyal consumers. As proof of this, according to our data for the month of August, one of NYX’s most valuable earned media phrases included its hashtag (nyxcosmetics) with the hashtag for BeautyConLA, one of the industry’s larger conventions for beauty bloggers and enthusiasts.”

Tribe concludes that NYX’s true test as a brand will emerge over the next several months as it works closer with its new parent, L’Oréal, as it may just be this ‘all in’ mentality is what allows the brand to maintain its momentum as it joins its new French family.

To access the full report, please click here.