Men’s grooming brand AXE has launched a campaign to incentivize their core Gen Z male consumer base to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The campaign, called Get Axeinated, includes a kit giveaway to increase vaccine rates. AXE said the effort looks to help their demo smell great but also stay safe as they reenter the dating world with the newly-defined attraction of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The pandemic disrupted life as our Gen Z guys knew it, leaving many anxious about getting back out there. So as a brand rooted in attraction, we saw a unique opportunity to play a role in encouraging vaccinations tied to this interesting and evolving dating moment,” said Mark Lodwick, AXE Brand Director. “We want guys to get informed, get their shots and feel confident doing it, and if AXE can help along the way, even better.”

AXE’s new digital ad parodies traditional press conferences while highlighting the importance of getting vaccinated and reenforcing the role of fragrance in socializing with confidence. Being vaccinated is what AXE wants their audience to understand: you want to get back into the dating world, you should also Get Axeinated.

In a video, AXE links viewers to where those who have been vaccinated, or intend to, can claim their Axeination Kits containing AXE’s iconic body spray and an Axeination certificate. Get Axeinated closely follows The New Axe Effect launched earlier this year. The New AXE Effect gives guys the confidence to spark attraction anywhere and with anyone by feeling and smelling their best.

In Georgia, vaccination rates are among the lowest in the country, especially among young people who are just gaining access to COVID-19 vaccines. It’s there where AXE will host an in-person Axeination Station, providing an opportunity for people to get Axeinated and leave with their own free Axeination Kit. The station will be held in Atlanta on Tuesday, June 22, at The Atlanta Beltline from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST.

Also this week, AXE will launch a Snapchat Lens allowing U.S.-based Snapchatters to opportunity to get Axeination kits directly from the Snapchat Lens.