Fast-growing skin care brand BeautyBio is looking to revolutionize the DIY tool category—again.

Launching today is its patented Glofacial Hydro-Infusion Pore Cleansing Tool, a multi-function device designed to extract impurities and excess oil while simultaneously infusing plumping and clarifying skin care. The device’s goal is to instantly resurface skin’s texture with built-in blue LED light at 415 nanometers (the wavelength clinically proved to kill bacteria that causes blemishes) making it a triple-threat in the growing at-home device market.

“It is like a vortex vacuum for your pores, combining what we do best – pro-grade topicals with next-gen tool tech – for maximum results with zero downtime,” said Jamie O’Banion, CEO and founder of BeautyBio. Jamie likens Glofacial to an at-home option to professional hydration facials.

Glofacial joins BeautyBio’s patented GloPRO Microneedling Tool, which helped usher in the concept of DIY microneedling at home. The company sold more than $450,000 of the tools in just 12 minutes, when it launched in 2016.

Jamie has even bigger plans for Glofacial; the 100,000 units that have been produced for the launch have already been spoken for. “The demand is phenomenal,” Jamie said.

And, it is likely to continue: The at-home tool category is growing faster than topicals with a compound annual growth rate pegged at 17 percent through 2030, according to Market Research.

Ulta Beauty, which will support the launch with full-door merchandising towers, has a 30-day retail exclusive on the tool, which retails for $199.

“We’re thrilled to continue to evolve our partnership with BeautyBio and offer beauty lovers innovative tools that provide solutions to help them achieve their skincare goals. Our beauty enthusiasts are highly engaged with our unrivaled skin care assortment and we can’t wait to welcome them to our stores to discover BeautyBio’s latest tool and further disrupt the category,” said Penny Coy, Vice President of Merchandising at Ulta Beauty.

Typically, a professional facial can cost anywhere from $200 to $300, Jamie said. “For less than the price of one professional service, you get to own this tech for life.” The tool is also user-friendly and even alerts users if they are not making proper contact with skin. And it leverages BeautyBio’s strength in topicals—which the company launched 11 years ago.

“You have skin detoxing technology along with instant plumping from hyaluronic acid and clarifying from salicylic acid, coupled with Blue LED light—all while resurfacing the skin to baby-soft status,” Jamie explained.

The brand’s presence in both skin care topicals and scalp care has helped convert shoppers to tools and vice versa. “Ultimately, we as consumers don’t care if it is a skin care formula or a tool; we just want to treat a spot or wrinkle for healthy skin. The combination of tools and topicals delivers truly exceptional results,” said Jamie who grew up in the business alongside her father at their family-owned cosmetics lab.

According to Jamie, users can expect to see immediate results. In consumer studies, 100 percent of those testing the tool reported their pores appeared cleaner; 100 percent noted their skin appeared plumper and less dull. Ninety percent felt the treatment was more effective than other methods.

Social platforms sparked sales of BeautyBio product in the past and the company has a full 360 launch campaign centered on #poreconfessions. The campaign will be featured on TikTok, Instagram Lives, masterclasses, a celeb designer collaboration, and launch events across the country. The device is particularly suited for videos since the “gunk” removed is visible after use.

“I’ve had several friends who are avid spa enthusiasts let me know they are canceling their next facial after trying the tool, pre-launch. It’s the ultimate complement to our team’s enormous work on this new tech. We are democratizing pro-grade results for everyone—you can now be your own facialist — in your home,” Jamie concluded.

Learn more about BeautyBio here.