Becca Cosmetics once again partnered with model and influencer Chrissy Teigen and following the massive success of their sold-out collaboration last year, the social media star is back at it with another product. Last May, the brand collaborated with Chrissy on a gorgeous Glow Face Palette, and the partnership included cross-promotion on Chrissy’s social media feeds, with shots of her in the lab creating the pigments, in addition to snaps of the final palette product. Teigen also attended Beautycon to chat about all things Becca last August. This May, the palette won a CEW Beauty Award for The Most Buzzed About Collaboration. So it’s no surprise that the beauty teamed up with the millennial favorite brand on a new product that launched this summer.

Recently, the brand and influencer teamed up on a product for the body, a good match for Chrissy, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. With Chrissy’s 18.2 million followers on Instagram, up from 14.9 million at the time of her last collaboration with the range.

Taking a page from the Rihanna book of beauty hits and her uber-popular, instant sell-out Fenty Body Lava, Chrissy co-created a body oil to take summer looks to the next level. Called the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Endless Summer Glow Body Oil, it was originally teased in June on Becca’s Instagram feed with the caption “coming soon.” In addition to the Becca-posted Instagram shot of the product against a backdrop of bronze sparkles, another photo on the feed shows Chrissy next to a comically gigantic-sized bottle of the product.

This oil is “straight from the beach” per Becca’s Instagram, indicating bronzey, shimmery, hydrated, healthy looking skin without having to be in the sun can be achieved with the help of this product. It comes packaged in a clear bottle and from the looks of it, the application is a simple way to highlight the body using this liquid strober of sorts, as you do your face. The lightweight oil works for both skin and hair, and features a sultry fragrance. Hailed a “sultry solar aroma,” it’s infused with Italian bergamot and warm sandalwood notes for a beachy, sun-kissed vibe. It’s created to give you the look, feel, and scent of the afternoon sun hitting your still-wet-from-the-sea skin. The oil is sold on Sephora, Ulta, Revolve, and on Becca’s website.