Beiersdorf is betting on the future of teledermatology with its recent investment in Dermanostic, a start-up based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Dermanostic is an app is designed to offer dermatological diagnoses once a user uploads three photos and fills out a medical history form. The service is available from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a fee of $28.40 (25 euros), with analysis performed by experienced dermatologists within 24 hours of contact. The move is another step towards Beierdorf’s Eucerin brand’s digital strategy of creating new touchpoints and pioneering consumer advisory services.

Beierdorf said the app is meant to eliminate the need for an in-person doctor visit in less serious cases, and as a method to providing fast solutions, such as sending a prescription by mail or electronically.

The deal was managed by Beiersdorf’s investment unit, Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital.

“We believe digital health and teledermatology offer huge potential, especially among the younger target group. Digital dermatologist appointments offer our consumers significant added value as they allow for swift, straightforward, inexpensive, and professional advice regarding their skin indication. As such, Dermanostic’s new digital service is the perfect fit for our Eucerin brand and innovatively complements our dermocosmetic brand’s digital consumer journey,” said Ascan Voswinckel, head of Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital.

In May 2021, the firm’s investment unit also acquired a piece of personalized skin care brand Routinely, which uses an online questionnaire to help develop skin care regimens.