Spark Minute, the blog authored by tech journalist and consultant, David Spark, offers several essential tips on being successful in the networking process.“I’m not always successful, but I do have a high hit/miss ratio,” writes David on his blog. Below are five of his best business pick-up lines.


1. Approach a small group (2-5 people) in mid-conversation and ask, “What am I interrupting?”: This line is favored for its success as interrupting an ongoing conversation in a “jovial” manner provides the opportunity to impress by adding to the conversation.

2. Read their name on their badge: Using the name found on everyone’s nametag at the business function you have an immediate and personal way in. After using someone’s name they are responsive and you may then proceed to any of the other lines.

3. “Can I join you?”: Best used for those occasions when there’s open sitting at a business function, such as a luncheon. If you’re allowed to sit, be prepared to make a credible introduction that will foster reaching your ultimate goal. Waiting too long may prove awkward.

4. “I’m stopping seemingly intelligent people…”: Step one in a two-step introduction that allows for humor, even the self- deprecating kind. If the response is, “You must have the wrong…” it allows for the retort, “Oh well, you’ll do!” Best used for quick hits such as a photo opportunity or quick, on-the spot interviews.

5. “What brings you to the event today?”
: This direct opening allows one to quickly and effectively determine the usefulness of the new contact while also providing that point of conversation that’s of real interest.

To view the original article, with more business pick up line tips, visit Spark Minute, written by David Spark (@dspark), founder of the brand journalism firm, Spark Media Solutions.