Beauty blogger Aly Walansky attended this year’s Consumer Electronics Show—an epic scene of gadgets and technology held every year in Las Vegas. Visited by hundreds of thousands of people, Aly discovered several beauty and lifestyle standouts among the exhibitors.

Breathometer Mint

Our dentist has been telling us for years that our mouth can reveal a great deal about our health.When the Breathometer Mint (a round, hockey puck-shaped gadget) is put up to your lips it can serve as a virtual dentist, measuring your mouth’s humidity and bacteria levels, even giving insight on bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. It can also detect dehydration. This product is by the same people who debuted the portable Breathalyzer a few years ago, which lets you plug it into your phone and quickly get your blood alcohol level. Like its first product, Breathometer has turned to crowd funding site, Indiegogo, to fund. It’s going to sell for $99, but the first 500 backers can get a discounted rate of $89. The product is expected to ship in August. Check out this video to see how it works.

Panasonic Interactive Mirror

This amazing futuristic mirror uses built-in cameras to analyze your face. Then, it suggests what hairstyles and make up looks will work best for you – giving it a host of possible uses in salons and beauty outlets. The options appear superimposed on your face, using a screen that projects onto the mirror. Beware, this is a fair weather friend as it can also pinpoint blemishes, from lines and wrinkles to those not-so-visible pores. It then goes on to recommend products and treatments in order for you to improve your look. The mirror is just a prototype for now, still years away from actually staring back at you and telling you the beautiful truth.

Pearl: Compact Mirror & USB Rechargeable Battery

For anyone who does a great deal of travel, you probably welcome the opportunity to streamline your packing with multi-tasking items. The travel mirror may not be all that revolutionary, but adding a battery to its Pearl compact mirror (which accommodates a USB port and Micro USB port) has made it extra useful and capable of fulfilling various needs in one (compact) compact! Click here to see a video of the Pearl.


Personal trainers are so often the key to getting in shape, and maybe the same is true for our skin. Calling itself a “personal skin coach,” the OKU, by, is a small box you hold against your skin to analyze what is wrong (and right) with it. OKU can also suggest actions to make skin look better. Its scan of the skin is tabulated into results, which are then delivered to an iPhone app. It’s fitness for your facade coming your way April 2015.


Apira Science’s iGrowHair Growth System is a laser therapy system that promises to promote hair growth. The iGrow is an at-home, low-level laser therapy device that uses a combination of red laser and LED light to stimulate hair growth, helping to promote hair growth in men and women suffering from pattern baldness. It’s great if you have hair thinning or loss, but also if you just are craving thicker, longer follicles. The iGrow underwent clinical trials in both men and women, with positive results: a 37% increase in hair counts for women, and a 35% increase in hair counts for men. For best results, users are recommended to wear the device 20 to 25 minutes per day, every other day, for 4 to 6 months. It costs just under $700, which sounds expensive – but a lot cheaper than regular hair extensions!