With 2014 being a red hot year for M&A and no signs of the market slowing in 2015, BGM looked at the players who help make it happen in the private equity and banking worlds.

With the need to invest in growth companies to generate returns on their funds, private equity most often plays the role of taking a proven branded business to the next level on the way to an exit to either a strategic buyer or another private equity firm. With a limited universe of investment prospects, competition for brand assets is fierce.

Bankers, the consummate connectors and often times, gatekeepers of the deal, help identify such opportunities on the buy and sell side, and balance complex agendas and objectives in negotiating the deal.

Along with the brands themselves, private equity firms and bankers serve as primary drivers in the value creation process of business.

With that, BGM is pleased to present Capital and Connectors, the firm’s reference guide to private equity firms and the bankers who connect most in personal care.