Birchbox has been acquired by Texas-based startup FemTec, a healthcare company aiming to utilize data to transform the healthcare experience for women. As part of the deal, Birchbox Co-founder Katia Beauchamp will sell her remaining interest in the company and transition to a strategic advisor role.

“We saw a big opportunity to think about beauty in the context of health, including how to have healthy hair, skin, and nails,” said Katia. “We also know that beauty has always been an industry that goes beyond the physical — it’s about how you feel. When we met the FemTec team, their vision synced up with our perspective, and they brought new expertise in healthcare and science. On top of that, the company is built by an entrepreneur which means speed to market and creating something new to market.  There’s more to come on the full vision but imagine a new way to collect data and then use that to supercharge personalization. We will also have non-topical beauty and services in the mix.”

According to Forbes, FemTec will begin asking Birchbox’s 300,000- plus subscriber base for personal health information with the goal of homing in on relevant skin care, supplements, and personal wellness items such as contraception. The company will comply with HIIPPA rules and regulations and never sell customer data.

As Katia transitions into her new role, she is looking forward to exploring new opportunities.

“Birchbox has provided an incredible breadth of experience these last 11 years,” said Katia. “Creating and operating a new category, fundraising, international expansion, M&A, vertical integration, and of course leadership of teams and people.  I’ve been consumed and dedicated to all of that, while having compelling conversations and ideas on the periphery. I’m now starting to explore those in earnest within beauty, beauty adjacent and in new spaces.”