Brand: Naturally Drenched

Founder: Jamila Powell

Sales: Under $1 million (estimated)


Launch History/Unique Proposition: Recognizing a lack of Black representation in the beauty space as the owner of one of the top texture salons in the country, attorney, entrepreneur and mother, Jamila Powell, created Naturally Drenched to ensure all voices are heard and all curls are loved. While running Maggie Rose Salon in Miami, FL, Jamila discovered the ingredients that work best on all textures of hair, leading her to launch Naturally Drenched, a vegan hair care brand catered toward all “curlfriends” seeking natural, healthy and eco-conscious hair products.

2021 Goals: 2021 goals include learning a lot more about being a business owner in the retail space, and how to grow her business. Specifically, she wants to focus on data, and have a better understanding of why a product sells and why it doesn’t. Expanding her brand is on the front burner with a goal of formulating two to three more products she can thoroughly test in a salon setting. She is laser focused on ensuring Naturally Drenched is addressing the needs of curly women and men around the world.

What are you hoping the new Biden/Harris administration will mean for entrepreneurs? Jamila said she hopes the Biden/Harris administration provides an opportunity for small businesses to thrive and grow. “Loans can assist, but it takes time to grow a brand, and that’s not easy when you’re saddled with debt. I would love to see some real initiatives that allow budding businesses to expand without strings attached,” she said.