Brand: BeautyStat Cosmetics

Founder: Ron Robinson

Sales: $10 million to $15 million

Distribution:, Amazon, Bluemercury, C.O .Bigelow, Cult Beauty,, Fab Fit Fun, IPSY, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Olivela, Revolve, Saks Fifth Avenue, THG/, QVC and Violet Grey.

Launch History/Unique Proposition: Launched in 2019, BeautyStat’s mission is to scour the planet for new beauty ingredients and technologies. Its goal is to continually develop innovative products with high-performance and bring them directly to the consumer. Founded by a veteran cosmetic chemist, Ron formulates to answer the biggest beauty need gaps, creating products that consumers want, love and can’t live without. The company is science-backed, and makes proprietary, patented skin care.

2021 Goals: This year the company aims to keep building on its foundation of breakthrough products that close beauty need-gaps. It also looks to continue to grow within its current retail and dot-com distribution channels, as well as direct-to-consumer.

What are you hoping the new administration will bring to the business world over the next four years: Based on the Biden/ Harris administration’s key four priorities, Ron’s hope for the business world is as follows:

  1. COVID-19: Widespread vaccine rollout so that small and large businesses including retail can open so that people feel safe to shop in-store again.
  2. The Economy: Aid to states, cities, businesses and education that were affected by the pandemic so the economy can get back on track.
  3. Racial equality: Access for people of color to jobs, education and housing.
  4. Climate change: Investment in clean energy while also helping communities that bear the brunt of pollution.