Owner: Heidi Brown (CEO, Editor-in-Chief)

Sales: Under $1 million (estimated)

Distribution: Company Website, Virtual Masterclasses & Symposiums, Corporate Employee Wellness Programs

History/Unique Proposition: Brilliance by Brown, Inc. is a media company focused on skin wellness as one ages. With a multicultural lens that spans the spectrum of skin tones and skin types, this single-source game changer leans into aging well. The company tests and reviews products targeted to skin over 40, uncover emerging brands that speak to shifting hormonal concerns, and tap into a brain trust of skin care specialists and medical professionals that understand the needs of skin that requires more nourishment from head to toe.

Launched in 2019 as a response to minimal skin wellness insights in the marketplace for all women over 40 and/or in the stages of menopause, the company features conscious-minded skin care brands, provides skin wellness programming, offers virtual access to thought leaders, and recommends skin care products that work.

2021 Goals: Heidi said the year is all about expanding company awareness, launching a podcast that discusses how to care for skin as you age, and extending skin wellness programming to consumers and to corporate employee wellness programs.

What are you hoping the Biden/Harris administration will bring to the business world over the next four years? Heidi hopes that the Biden/Harris Administration will help to foster equal access to capital for minority-owned companies to help them scale.