Brand: Pear Nova

Founder: Rachel James

Sales: Under $1M (estimated)

Launch History/Unique Proposition: Growing up, Rachel gave her mom and friends manicures and pedicures all the time. While studying fashion merchandising, she had a lightbulb moment for a marketing presentation. She created a fake nail polish line, despite everyone else basing their projects on fashion. Her professor was impressed, and told her she should go work for OPI. She had always known she didn’t want to work for a brand, so she Googled “how to start a nail polish brand” and got to work on creating Pear Nova.

Nails, Rachel said, feel like the perfect combination of fashion and beauty because they’re both an accessory and beauty product. In 2013 when Pear Nova launched, there was a void in medium to dark skin tones being shown center stage in the nail world. With Pear Nova Rachel is committed to celebrating all skin tones, and since the first collection, Pear Nova’s classic and gel palettes have been inspired by runway trends, her travels, food, music, her home in Chicago and the female pioneers that inspire her. All of the products are vegan and cruelty free.

2021 Goals: Pear Nova’s goals include launching several new products that will complete an at-home nail care system and securing major retail distribution.