Brand: Scotch Porter

Founder: Calvin Quallis

Sales: $15 million to $20 million (estimated)

Distribution: (DTC), Target, Walmart

Launch/History/ Unique Proposition: Formally launched in 2015, Scotch Porter remains at the helm of revolutionizing the way people discover and shop for health, beauty and lifestyle products. After noticing men in his community struggling with dry and damaged beards, brand founder Calvin Quallis began experimenting in his kitchen with botanicals and other non-toxic ingredients to create products that served as solutions for an underserved, but fast-growing community of consumers.

Rapidly scaling from local distribution to nationwide availability, Scotch Porter develops multi-functional products to enhance the everyday guy’s experience. In particular, hair, skin and body benefits from key ingredients such as kale protein, biotin liposomes and pomegranate enzymes. Scotch Porter continues to build out its fresh, handmade better-for-you grooming and wellness products.

2021 Goals: This year and beyond, Scotch Porter’s goal is laser-focused on its mission, which is to arm men with the tools needed to live their best lives. The brand’s 360° wellness approach will not only include an assortment of internal and external, non-toxic products but also provide access to “edutaining” content and safe, on-the-ground activations to engage the consumer deeper with its wellness offering.

What are you expecting the new [Biden/Harris] administration to do for the CPG industry?: “As a Black-owned business, we’d like to see this administration’s commitment to providing access to resources and benefits to communities that are often underserved or whose issues seem to always go unresolved. It is my hope that they encourage and support future generations to go above and beyond in utilizing their gifts to impart change of their own,” Calvin said.