Blushington has teamed up with the Teknique Agency, a Black-owned creative artists and event management firm, to launch a co-created platform, Teknique Boutiques by Blushington. The partnership will provide Teknique makeup artists with the opportunity to curate, promote and sell products on Blushington’s national Shop-in-Shop platform as a way to generate additional income. Since Blushington launched its original makeup artist platform at the end of 2020, the program has generated over 100 million impressions with 145 shops open in more than 25 states, and in Canada. To date, the company said 40 percent of Shop-in-Shop owners are beauty professionals of color. In addition to the platform, Teknique will scout one artist from the Blushington Academy program to receive representation by their agency by the end of 2021.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a prestigious agency in our shared mission to advance the careers and economic growth of beauty professionals of color that were hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Natasha Cornstein, CEO, Blushington. “Our partnership creates a unique opportunity to build national visibility for artists represented by Teknique Agency on Blushington’s digital platform, where artists own their own Shop-In-Shops and earn a percentage of all sales. We are grateful to Teknique Agency for their commitment to scout our Pro Blushington Certified Artists and open the door to agency representation for an up-and-coming artist.”

Yannize Joshua, Principal and Managing Partner of Teknique Agency, added, “Our partnership with Blushington is a natural union of two women-owned companies with the shared goal of advancing makeup professionals at the forefront of the work we do.”

So far, 10 Teknique represented artists have been tapped to operate their own personal shops through the Teknique Boutiques by Blushington program and are open for business.