Pretty Sneaky

Professional makeup artist and eyebrow guru, Ramy Gafni, has published his second book, “How to Fake Real Beauty”, published by Running Press, a compilation of tricks of the trade on how to master your makeup. In the book, Ramy details how to look like you were born with flawless features by creating illusions with makeup—and a little moxie.

“The power of makeup goes a long way toward helping you fake anything—a clear complexion, fuller lips, brighter eyes—whatever you want! Even the most beautiful person has to draw attention away from one feature and play up another to look her best. The difference is celebrities have access to the experts who know how to fake whatever is necessary to create that unblemished image. It’s all a matter of knowing how!” said Ramy.

“How to Fake Real Beauty” is available for $19.

The Secrets of Successful Prestige Branding


Rather than re-telling brand success stories or re-hashing long-standing marketing principles, “Rethinking Prestige Branding” published by Kogan Page takes readers on a colorful journey behind the scenes of today’s marketing pros and their desirable brands. This book will fascinate the marketing professional just as much as those who are simply curious as to how premium brands tick.

The authors behind the book are Wolfgang Schaefer, Chief Strategic Officer at SelectNY, one of the world’s leading premium brand building networks, and JP Kuehlwein, Executive Vice President at Frédéric Fekkai, and an Outside Director of Smith & Norbu, a luxury optical frame maker in Hong Kong.

Wolf has been building global brand strategies for more than 20 years for companies including PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coty and Nestle. His main expertise lies in prestige brands such as Davidoff, Chopard, Swarovski and Lancaster, among others.

JP draws on more than 20 years of hands-on experience in managing brands at P&G across markets in Europe, North America and Asia. He holds degrees in international management and business analysis from the universities of Reutlingen (Germany), Reims (France) and Lancaster (UK).

“Rethinking Prestige Branding” is available for $28.

Best Practices For Skin Health


Renowned dermatologist, Zein Obagi, MD, has authored a new book, “The Art of Skin Health Restoration and Rejuvenation: The Science of Clinical Practice”, Second Edition, published by CRC Press. The book reveals for the first time his System of Skin Classification that specifically addresses the variables in skin types and their expected responses to various treatments. Readers will also learn the truth behind moisturizers and how they can be harmful and weaken the skin; the hidden dangers of long-term usage of hydroquinone; how to select the optimal procedure based on problem and skin type; and the best ways for treating skin of color. The book includes 200 color illustrations, drawings and clinical photographs, plus a special chapter included from Dr. E. Victor Ross, a San Diego-based dermatologic surgeon.

“The Art of Skin Health Restoration and Rejuvenation: The Science of Clinical Practice” is available for $179 for hardback and $90 for eBook.