Beauty Insider went to the country’s top dermatologists to find out which treatments are driving office visits these days. Whether the doctors are in A-list Los Angeles, high-profile Washington DC or fast-paced New York City, we’ve found one thing that remains clear—Botox remains king!

Los Angeles

Dubbed the “Rockstar Dermatologist” by Glamour magazine, Dr. Boris Zaks ( services some of LA’s most elite faces. Here are his Top 5 services:
1. Botox: Dr. Zaks notes that Botox is the number-one procedure in the country, as well as in Southern California. Average cost is about $300 per area.
2. Lower Face Fillers: Restylane injections, for example, start at $595, and improve areas such as marionette lines, smile lines and the bordering areas of the lips.
3. Lasers: Whether it’s for hair removal, rosacea, sunspots or brown spots, patients are taking full advantage of the multiple uses of lasers. Prices begin around $595.
4. Cosmelan Peel: Most commonly used to treat melasma, Cosmelan rejuvenates the skin through depigmentation, lightening up dark spots and sun spots alike. The peel and maintenance creams cost around $1,800, with frequency of treatment dependent upon individual condition.
5. Lip Augmentation: Dr. Zaks said he’s seen a shift in his clientele from wanting a “porn star chic look to a more elegant one.” Average cost is $595 per treatment.

Washington, DC

Dr. Howard L. Brooks is the go-to dermatologist for local and national media in DC ( Here are the Top 5 services in his office:
1. Botox: Once again, Botox trumps the competition. “The average age of the patient is between 35 and 40, and half my patients are men,” said Dr. Brooks.
2. Vitalize Peel: Addressing everything from acne to wrinkles, chemical peels are a close second to Botox, especially the Vitalize Peel. The 15-minute procedure “stings a little,” and costs $300 per treatment.
3. Stretch Mark Laser Removal: Dr. Brooks favors a Fraxel Laser, as it can be used on any skin type or ethnicity, without causing any unwanted damage to skin. “It reduces stretch marks by 50%.” Six treatments are needed every 2–6 weeks at $1,100 per treatment.
4. TCA Peel: Used for not-so-deep acne scaring, the TCA chemical peel is “pretty aggressive and has a down time of about a week,” said Dr. Brooks. The cost is $350 per session and the patient requires 3–6 treatments every 2 weeks.
5. Laser Hair Removal: “When I first started practicing, laser hair removal was the number-one most-requested service,” said Dr. Brooks. Prices range from $100 for the upper lip to $700 for the back. Each area typically requires 6–8 treatments.

New York City

Dr. Howard Sobel ( has been a pioneer in the field of dermatology, and founded Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula (DDF), which was later purchased by Procter & Gamble. The Top 5 services his office performs are:
1. Botox: Botox is more requested than the competition, Dysport, said Dr. Sobel.
2. Soft Tissue Fillers: Injectables, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are go-to staples with Radiesse gaining momentum. “Radiesse is thicker and gives more enhancement to the cheekbones,” said Dr. Sobel. Juvederm and Restylane are around $750 per area; Radiesse starts at $950.
3. Chemical Peels: For those wanting a “refresh,” Dr. Sobel opts for a superficial peel, which runs from $250 to $350 and has little downtime.
4. Laser Treatments: The most popular cosmetic laser treatment cleans up pigmentation and helps rid skin of pre-cancers, and is performed with a Fraxel Dual Laser, using the 1927 wavelength setting. Prices generally start around $1,500. Price reduction is available when sold as a series.
5. Lipo under Local Anesthesia: Meant for “body contouring,” this can be performed anywhere on the body. Price for the neck and jaw is about $2,500.