A new beauty brand, Wander Beauty, is putting technology to use by having data from its website determine what will be launched in the future.

Founded by model Lindsay Ellingson and tech expert Divya Gugnani, Wander Beauty is positioned as a multi-tasking, travel-inspired brand for the woman on the go.

Lindsay describes herself as super-passionate about beauty and a lover of makeup. She said she’s acquired many great tips, tricks and a sense of color from all of her travels and experiences with modeling and the makeup artistry that she’s observed on the job.

Divya’s background is in the private equity/venture capitalist arena. In the past, she’s developed an algorithm that helps a consumer’s shopping experience by recognizing what she may want in the future based on past purchases. She’s also invested in several tech start-ups.

While Wander Beauty only has one product, On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator, the first generation of their site will leverage the different ethnicities of the models featured on the site wearing the product (it’s available in two sku’s) by tracking which images get more clicks.

“We will be able to know what to get into next based on the data of where she is clicking on the site. If she’s darker skinned, she’s probably clicking on the Brazilian model to see how the lip and cheek item will look on her. If she’s lighter, she’ll be clicking on a model with a lighter skin tone to see how the product looks. This will inform us on the whole next cycle of the business,” said Divya.

They are also using Lindsay’s Instagram followers to crowd source color options: fans are able to vote for colors in the next collection.

The On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator is a duo stick formulated to add color and illumination to one’s complexion. The cream-to-powder formula delivers color while the soft-focus highlighter delivers a nude glow. It’s available in two color options, coral rose and soft pink; the nude glow illuminator is the same on both sku’s. It sells for $42.

“This and mascara can have your whole face done,” said Lindsay, who also serves as Creative Director for Wander Beauty.

Items are sold on wanderbeauty.com and qvc.com. The brand will appear on QVC some time in the next month, with Lindsay pitching the brand. Currently the two have raised capital by individual angel investors, and will likely need to do another round in the next 12 months.