BW Confidential, the Paris-based trade magazine catering to the international beauty industry, has published a Special Collector’s Edition on The Future of Beauty, providing more than 100 pages of analysis on how the beauty industry will look in 10 to 15 years from now and is intended to inspire executives and provide them with food for thought, as well as be a source of valuable data trends that can be used as a reference.

The Future of Beauty analyzes how the industry will evolve in terms of:

Retail…online sales, new distribution channels, the store of the future

Travel Retail…passenger evolution, changes in airport retail – Emerging Markets…the BRICs, emerging markets of the future

Fragrance, Make-Up & Skincare…new formats, trends and market players

•  Consumer Habits…profiles of tomorrow’s shoppers

Technology…smart products, communication strategies – Big data…its influence on products, retail and advertising

 • Packaging…new designs and pack innovation

To purchase a copy of BW Confidential The Future of Beauty Special Collector’s Edition, which retails for $75, click here.