Calgon’s famous phrase, “Take Me Away!”, looks to be tweeted and facebook’ed by today’s teens and tweens alike—at least that’s what the 50-year-old brand is hoping for. Heart Calgon, the latest incarnation from the personal care stalwart, owned by Ilex Consumer Products Company, features four new fragrances: Sweet Crush, Fresh Start, Rock Steady and Hot Date. Each will be available in a Body Mist, Shimmer Mist, Body Lotion and Exfoliating Body Wash. Calgon even has a fresh and popular face to front the new product line, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, who is the brand’s first celebrity ambassador.

“It’s weird and an honor to be part of something so iconic,” Sarah said at a recent press event held at Manhattan’s Dylan’s Candy Bar. “I had heard about Calgon before and thought it was cool that they were rebranding themselves.” Of the new line, Fresh Start is her favorite scent. “It’s apples, jasmine and fresh water lilies and it smells like you’ve just come out of the laundry, which I like,” she added.

In 1946 Calgon launched its first fragrant bath product. Today, they offer over 15 fragrances and more than 10 product lines including nourishing body creams, moisturizing shower gels and foam baths, moisturizing bath beads, soak swirl lotions and massaging beauty bars.

Over the past decade, the company has had many reincarnations. In 1995 Coty acquired Calgon and resurrected their famous advertising slogan “Take Me Away.” In 2007, Ascendia Brands bought Calgon from Coty, only to sell the company to Ilex two years later.

“Coty launched it in a way that was relevant at that time. As you know the fragrance market in general is an ever-evolving market,” said Ilex’s Marketing Director, Sharon Shue Hidey, when asked to speak about why there had been so many changes in company ownership. “We have evolved, and the brand has evolved and our consumer has evolved. We always have the consumer in mind. And as our consumer evolves we want to keep meeting their needs.”

Calgon was re-launched in 2010 with 30 new products entering the competitive marketplace, and thus giving the brand the widest range of specialty bath and basic bath products in the category. More products were introduced in 2011 and still more, including the Heart Calgon line, are being released this year.

“As a brand we felt we needed to expand. We can’t be everything to everyone,” Ilex’s Sharon said, which was one reason why they decided to create a sub-brand like Heart Calgon. “We’re really trying to build this gateway brand to capture the consumer at a younger age and to keep her with the brand as she continues to grow older as her tastes in fragrance and packaging changes.”