Jamie Leilani Pelayo, JP Collett and Kendra Mark

In creating natureofthings, a Los Angeles-based line of bath, skin and digestible powders products, three founders were united in their vision: items only needed three things – plants (specifically CBD), minerals and water.

“We started to talk about CBD not just as a vehicle, but as a way to offer it as a medicinal and highly effective part of one’s routine, whether it’s skin care, a dietary supplement or a mix of both,” said founder and CEO, JP Collett. “There are a lot of CBD products out there, but they were not being leveraged to their fullest extent. We wanted to start from scratch and build a formula ourselves. The three of us wanted to build something meaningful.”

JP, alongside co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jamie Leilani Pelayo, who has worked in marketing and content production with Vogue, Sephora and LVMH, and Kendra Mark, co-founder and Vice President of Product Development, were at the brand’s launch October 18, where guests were invited to relax their feet in one of their signature magnesium soaks.

The clean beauty brand launched with six skus, two bath immersion items, two skin treatments and two digestible powders, with the founders wanting to drive home the idea of a pure and unadulterated daily self-care ritual. The products are free of all chemicals and artificial preservatives. Transparency is key; the website lists the Certificate of Analysis for the products citing exactly how much CBD is in each product.

Kendra, who has been in the CBD space for several years and launched her own CBD brand, 2 Rise Naturals, in 2016, said the sachets of digestible powders are designed for everyday use. Lucidity is for daytime; other ingredients like bacopa, gotu kola and lion’s mane mushrooms are considered brain-boosting. For night, the Soothing sachet, “helps to chill and unwind,” said Kendra. “You will move into a restful sleep. And with a decent amount of water-soluble turmeric and black pepper, it’s great for pain and inflammation, too.”

Natureofthings will also be stocked at retailers such as 10 Corso Como and ABC Home & Carpet in New York, and Mohawk General Store in Los Angeles.

“We wanted to start at speciality because we liked the ability for retailers to have a touchpoint with the client and a live reaction,” said Jamie. “That’s what is missing the most in the CBD space. Everyone is throwing in a lot of buzzy, trendy ingredients, but we want to deliver our message to people on the floor through these retailers as well. Online, you’re not necessarily having that dialogue with your client.”

The pristine, fuss-free packaging in shades of stone, white and blush was designed with sustainability in mind; the larger jars can have second lives as vases or to hold trinkets.

“We encourage finding creative ways to reuse them,” said Jamie.

Products are priced at $50 for a packet of 12 sachets of digestible powders, $36 for a single-use magnesium soak and $75-$90 for the body treatments. The Fortifying Magnesium Restorative Floral Bath is $150 for 5 soaks.