After years of celebrity perfumes causing a flurry at department store counters and beyond, celebrity skin care lines are now the saveur du jour. The caveat? Only natural brands need apply. Even in the ever-changing consumer climate, where influencers are top of mind and traditional retail is shifting to keep up with direct-to-consumer commerce, celebrities still sell. They remain the faces of many makeup, skin care and fragrance campaigns, and now more than ever they’re joining forces with cosmetic chemists to produce the skin care products they found missing in a sea of offerings. Here, some of the famous faces touting their own natural skin care ranges.


Honest by Jessica Alba

The brand launched in 2012 and is one of the best-selling non-toxic, eco-friendly beauty ranges. Free of parabens and phthalates, this mid-priced brand manages to boast impressive pigment and staying power, standing up to even its non-natural competitors. Its breadth of offerings includes everything from makeup to laundry detergent to baby wipes, but its skin care products are also fantastic. The Healing Balm works well for lips, cuticles and even hair, and blends sunflower-seed oil and shea butter. The brand’s newer offerings include a retinol serum, hydrogel cream, beauty balm stick, and a gel-to-milk cleanser.

Goop by Juice Beauty

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her commitment to clean eating, skinc are, and makeup. In 2015, she launched her own luxury skin care line in partnership with clean makeup and skin care brand Juice Beauty, which has been making non-toxic products for over a decade. Goop By Juice Beauty’s range boasts clinically proven, age-defying results. This is no small feat considering the products consist only of natural ingredients like aloe, grape juices, lemon, and apple. They also contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr


One of the OG natural celebrity skin care brands, former model Miranda Kerr’s brand, Kora Organics, launched in 2009 in Australia. It has since expanded to over 200 retailers across Australia, including Sephora, in addition to selling worldwide through and In the past couple of years, KORA Organics can also be found stateside at Sephora stores and at The brand is organic, and uses selected ingredients based on their natural healing and protective powers, like rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil, green tea, and noni. The brand’s latest includes a turmeric mask, a heart-shaped rose-quartz gua sha tool, and a face balm.

Breathe Organics by Kelly Preston

Designed with an older consumer in mind, Kelly Preston’s organic skin care range addresses fine lines and wrinkles thanks to carefully selected Italian ingredients that are then cold-pressed to create serums and creams. The actress is known for her commitment to living an organic lifestyle and set out to launch her direct-to-consumer line this year. To start, Breathe consists of four anti-aging skin care products: a day serum, $137; day crème, $121; night serum, $149; and night creme, $133.