Beauty Insider recently attended CES 2016 to uncover the latest beauty gadgets on display at the world’s leading consumer technology show. With 3,631 exhibiting companies in attendance, it felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, the show organizers recognized our industry’s importance for driving technology innovation, made evident by the launch of a new two-day Beauty Tech showcase, a joint collaboration between Living in Digital Times and Marie Claire. From the traditional beauty gadgets to not-so-obvious ones, here is a recap of the best in beauty technology at the show.


In-Trust, a technology company focused on creating in-home relaxation and lifestyle products, debuted Aurai, the world’s first water-propelled eye massager with both cool and warm compress. According to reps, the device helps improve blood circulation, helps reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles and alleviates sleep disorders. In addition, it’s said to relieve headaches, dry or irritated eyes, blurry vision and neck and back pain caused by excessive screen use.

Aurai will be available starting at $119 at in February this year. For more information visit


Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, BioCare Systems, Inc. introduced its first consumer product, LumiWave, a near infrared (NIR) wearable device that alleviates pain. LumiWave uses the proven science of photo-biostimulation to gently warm inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body, including back, shoulders, ankles, wrists, knees and others, through NIR light waves emitted through specially engineered Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). That said, the device has an added benefit in that it claims to aid in cell regeneration and promotes biochemical restorative processes so that users get better, faster. Unlike other infrared devices, LumiWave also has a unique flexible band that allows users to essentially strap the device on the required area without having to hold it in place.

The LumiWave single model has 200 LEDs and is priced at $299, and the LumiWave double model has 400 LEDs and is priced at $449. Both can be ordered at:


We all know lighting can make or break your look. Have you tried to take an indoor selfie only to find yourself moving throughout room to capture the best light? What about trying to apply make-up in that horrible bathroom lighting? According to ilumi, their new Smartbulb makes lighting easy and comes closest to daylight than any other lighting products. The Smartbulb screws in like a regular light bulb and with the free ilumi companion app users can pick out exactly the right light color and brightness for the space. The app further allows users to sync lighting to music and much more. According to Co-Founder & CEO Corey Egan, “I think lighting is very important in the beauty industry and the Smartbulb helps obtain an accurate representation of an event scenario. With our high color index, users can experiment with different environments and grades to ensure optimal light.”

ilumi Smartbulbs range from $59.99-69.99 depending on watt equivalency and can be found at Best Buy, The Home Depot, Fry’s Electronics, Amazon, Brookstone and online at:


Amirose London Ltd, veterans in the beauty and cosmetics industry for over 30 years, attended CESfor the first time to launch their Computer Eye Pads. The company claims the pads will revitalize your eyes after a busy day on your computer, phone or tablet. In addition, the pads are said to help reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. For an even cooler experience, these can be placed in the refrigerator before use. The Cool Aqua and Fresh Cucumber eye pads contain Vitamin E, Chamomile, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

One packet of 20 pre-moistened pads retail for £4.99 and can be found at


HairMax is a pioneer in the development of laser hair loss treatments and hair growth products. With an unprecedented seven FDA clearances to treat hair loss & promote hair growth in men & women, the company expanded its line of devices with is newest innovation in hair growth, the LaserBand 82. We didn’t get a chance to speak to the reps but according the company website, this new enhanced hands-free laser medical device delivers nourishing laser light to energize and revitalize your hair follicles and regrow your hair. The unique new cradle design incorporates 82 medical grade lasers and patented hair parting teeth, which parts your hair during treatment for maximum laser light delivery to your follicles to achieve optimal results.

HairMax LaserBand 82 device retails for $795.00 and can be found online at


simplehuman recently entered the beauty market with the introduction of its first sensor-activated LED light vanity mirror. To date, simplehuman’s sensor mirror line has expanded to offer seven variations, including the most recent introduction of the app-enabled wide-view sensor mirror. The app helps users imitate lighting from other environments to ensure the best make-up application. For example, someone could take a picture in a restaurant and the wide-view mirror will retrieve the image from the app and replicate the lighting so they can check how their make-up will look when they get to dinner.

The wide-view sensor mirror retails for $400 and is available online at

Inail Intelligent Printer

Have you ever wanted a picture of your beloved pet on your nails? Trusting a nail artist to replicate the image could take a long time and may not have the desired effect. Inail plans to revolutionize nail art with its new Inail Intelligent printer that can take any image you upload and print it directly onto the nail. During a video tutorial, the company showed a side-by-side comparison of a nail artist and the printer battling to replicate a reindeer on a user’s nail. The printer not only produced a clear, professional replication but also did so in roughly 15 seconds versus 15 minutes it took a nail artist to complete.

Inail Intelligent Printer retails for $2,899.00 and comes with 9 gel bottles, 2 ink cartridges and a 1 year warranty. For more information or to order, visit


After two years of R&D, enabling for the first time the convergence between a new generation of sensors and biology, Wired Beauty has invented and patented MAPO, a fully personalized connected, multi-function and easy-to-use beauty mask. MAPO helps users optimize their skincare routine by giving them a better indication of their skin’s moisture levels. The device is a connected face mask that is integrated with flexible electronics. These sensors help gather data about your skin and then transmit the information to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Based on the information gathered, MAPO will help you determine the best beauty routine to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

MAPO appears to be in a Kickstarter phase but more information can be found at

My UV Patch

There was a lot of buzz about the L’Oréal UV patch even though the beauty giant did not have a traditional booth. More unique than their exhibit space, was their technology itself. L’Oréal Group’s leading dermatological skincare brand, La Roche-Posay, introduced a first-of-its kind stretchable electronic, My UV Patch. The patch is a transparent adhesive that, unlike the rigid wearables currently on the market, stretches and adheres directly to any area of skin that consumers want to monitor. Measuring approximately one square inch in area and 50 micrometers thick – half the thickness of an average strand of hair – the patch contains photosensitive dyes that factor in the baseline skin tone and change colors when exposed to UV rays to indicate varying levels of sun exposure. Additionally, consumers will be able to take a photo of the patch and upload it to the La Roche-Posay My UV Patch mobile app, which analyzes the varying photosensitive dye squares to determine the amount of UV exposure the wearer has received. The My UV Patch mobile app will be available on both iOS and Android, incorporating Near Field Communications (NFC)-enabled technology into the patch-scanning process for Android. My UV Patch is expected to be made available to consumers later this year.

After following up with the company about price and availability, we received the following statement from Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, “The distribution plans for My UV Patch are still being mapped out, but it will launch with the La Roche-Posay brand later in the year and we don’t anticipate there being a cost to the consumer.”

Stay tuned….


Another company worth noting was not an exhibitor, but rather one attendee company we met – WIREWAX. I mention them because their technology is truly captivating and most beneficial for beauty brands who can deliver engaging videos while embedding information and purchase buttons to integrate quick easy shopping for viewers from within the video.

WIREWAX is a connected video technology that provides interactive video to 15,000 users across the globe, including more than 350 brands, broadcasters and agencies. It’s connected because it uses award-winning artificial intelligence to automatically make people, products and scenes in video clickable and touchable for information and quick easy one step purchase button. We were introduced to the Cover Girl Star Wars campaign and played around with the interactive components. It’s definitely engaging and we can see how the company is able to state it can double the time visitors spend with content. In addition the quick ‘shop’ options help visitors quickly and easily purchase what they like in roughly one click. This ability further provides beauty companies higher conversion rates than traditional videos or static product images/promotions.

For more information and to experience the Cover Girl campaign for yourself, visit