In late 2015, Latinum Network leveraged its proprietary online community to survey more than 1,500 Hispanic and non-Hispanic women to uncover key differences in attitudes and behaviors across the beauty category. Through their network of leading consumer companies, Washington D.C.-based Latinum, a member-based group that equips organizations with data on the fastest growing and most influential consumers in the U.S. through a shared-cost network model, worked with 15 beauty-focused organizations to develop questions that cover in-store shopping habits, beauty influencers and category-specific behaviors in skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care. In Latinum’s upcoming webinar, Latina Beauty Behaviors: How to Win with Product and Effectively Leverage Influencers, being held January 27 from 2 pm to 3pm EST, the firm will present insights, data and key takeaways to help beauty industry executives make smart decisions for their brands in the increasingly diverse economy. Some of the key findings to be revealed include:

• 75% of Latinas wear at least some makeup every day vs. 64% of non-Hispanic women.

• “Wanting to look put together” is the #1 reason Latinas wear makeup (39%) where this was the #3 reason for non-Hispanic women (27%).

• 43% of Latinas value quality over price when buying makeup as opposed to 38% of non-Hispanic women.

• 52% of Latinas are willing to pay more for natural or organic products as opposed to 41% of non-Hispanic women.

• 34% of Latinas get beauty information and advice from magazines, and 32% watch YouTube makeup tutorials as opposed to 23% and 21% of non-Hispanic women.

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