Beauty industry executives near and far will gather (remotely) on Wednesday, May 4th, to view the second annual CEW Retail Conference 2022 to discover the retail and brand trends influencing today’s beauty consumer. The half-day informational program will focus on providing data and intelligence from more than 20 retail, brand, and data experts.

The CEW Retail Conference 2022 will be held virtually on May 4th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m EDT, and is sponsored by MANE, Stella Rising, Bluemercury, NielsenIQ, Perfect Corp/Youcam Makeup, Mintel, Ulta Beauty, QVC, Beauty Inc, Fairchild Media Group, MOSS, Cosmoprof North America, and Kaplow Communications.

Kicking off the day’s virtual event will be a Keynote address from Tim Natividad, U.S. Head of Enterprise Sales, TikTok. Tim will lead the audience through what can be called nothing less than a sea change in consumer discovery and shopping behavior on the social media platform, and how brands need to turn up to TikTok as brand creators, not just as advertisers.

Following Tim will be a succession of panel discussions featuring leading retail experts from Macy’s, Nordstrom, Ulta Beauty, Bluemercury, and Credo talking about everything from fragrance, omnichannel shopping, BIPOC brands, supply chain, and sustainability.

The biggest trends moving China Beauty will be presented, as will what’s driving Gen Z beauty shoppers. Several data providers will spotlight consumers’ evolving behaviors; fragrance executives will discuss whether the 2021 scent boom can be repeated, and AR/AI advancements will be revealed. The day will be capped with a fireside chat on virtual retail storefronts in the Metaverse and how brands should be thinking about playing in retail’s newest sandbox.

“Success in this industry is becoming synonymous with differentiating your brand by staying one step ahead. The educational opportunities we offer at our annual Retail Conference are invaluable to our members,” said Carlotta Jacobson, President, CEW. “Heading into the event’s sixth year, we’re proud to have assembled an outstanding roster of speakers to share their expertise and help meet the rapidly evolving needs of the beauty market.”

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Overview of Agenda Topics & Speakers

Keynote Address: For You, Beauty: How TikTok Powers Multi-Dimensional Beauty

Tim Natividad, TikTok, will showcase how short-form beauty videos have evolved into an unfiltered, multi-dimensional community for dreamers, for explorers, and for anyone who uses beauty products to express and care for themselves. TikTok beauty is all For You, which is changing the industry as it is known. Tim will take the audience through beauty’s explosive growth on the platform, and share how brands are showing up authentically to lead the way.

Nordstrom’s Modern Beauty Approach Combines Convenience and Connection

Speaker: Debbi Hartley-Triesch, Nordstrom; Moderated by: Kathleen Hou, Elle Magazine

Beauty customers have changed how and why they buy beauty, not just as a result of the pandemic, but also because of how the retail industry has evolved. In this fireside chat, Debbi Hartley-Triesch will discuss how the retailer has evolved its in-store and digital shopping experiences to serve today’s beauty shopper on their terms.

Intentional Delight: How Consumers Seek Out and Shop for Beauty & Wellness in 2022

Speaker: Marlea Clark: Stella Rising

Discover new research on how consumers are shopping for beauty and wellness now, including a look at Amazon. Beauty is a source of delight for consumers but discovering brands and products through digital channels presents challenges for brands.  During this session, Stella Rising will explore how to strengthen digital experiences and what every generation wants from the category.

Unique Perspectives: BIPOC-Founded Brands on Retail Readiness & Growth

Speakers: Dr. Rashini Rajapaksa; TULA, Ron Robinson, Beautystat; Deepica Mutyala, Live Tinted; Moderated by Ulta Beauty, Monica Arnaudo

Today, BIPOC founders represent less than 5% of a nearly $90 billion venture capital market. As that slowly shifts for the better, we take a closer look at the incredible determination, strategy, and collaboration BIPOC brand founders bring to the beauty industry to achieve success. In this panel led by Ulta Beauty chief merchandising officer Monica Arnaudo, BIPOC beauty brand founders from TULA, Beautystat and Live Tinted discuss how they’ve navigated the industry and share their thoughts on funding considerations, the importance of developing relationships with retailers and staying true to brand values.

Key Trends in the China Beauty Market

Speaker: Deborah Weinsweig, Coresight Research

Cosmetic retail sales in China have reached a whopping 62 billion yuan—about $9.7B USD. Curious about how your brand can tap into that growth? Coresight Research will share proprietary data about the market, including three rising trends across Chinese brands’ global expansion, immersive activations, and the fastest-growing sector: Male beauty.

Beauty Retailers Reveal Tactics to Attract (and Convert) Today’s Changing Consumer

Speakers: Lydia Kandel, Credo; Tracy Kline, Bluemercury; Moderated by: Malena Higuera, Urban Decay Cosmetics

Consumers’ shopping habits are constantly evolving, and the past two years have caused more disruption in the retail space than ever before. Finding opportunities in today’s market requires both analytical expertise and agility. In addition to sharing their essential learnings, these retail leaders will reveal the tactics that keep their audience coming back.

 The State of Fragrance: How Brands, Retailers Will Anniversary the Scent Sales Boom

Speakers: Julie Walsh, Macy’s; Maria Dempsey, NEST NY; Alexandre Choueiri, L’Oréal Luxe USA; Moderated by: Miranda Gordon, MANE

Innovating digital sales, next-level sampling, a strong sustainability mission, the popularity of fragrance wardrobes, scent as self-care, and the opportunity of genderless scents will all be key contributors to matching and beating fragrance’s two-year sales boom.

Perfect Corp: Digital Transformation 3.0

Speaker: Wayne Liu, Perfect Corp.

Beauty & Fashion tech solutions such as virtual try on technology have quickly become an essential component of the consumer shopping journey. Perfect Corp has pioneered enhancing brands abilities to innovate with AI + AR digital technologies as a driving force for digital transformation across their organizations. With the release of the world’s first VTO NFT’s, Perfect Corp is leading the way for new engaging ways for brands to enable their consumers to try before they buy.

Personalization at Scale: A New Era of Reaching Shoppers

Speaker: Mariko Carpenter, NielsenIQ

In the modern omnichannel landscape, how can beauty brands break through the noise and find connections with their ideal consumer? In this session, NielsenIQ will discuss new ways brands can reach targeted customers at scale to drive sales; command attention by delivering real-time, personalized content; and improve digital shelf placement, out of stocks, and their competitive set.

Goatie & Goliath: How a Small Brand Competes with Big Retail Experiences
Speakers: Co-Founders Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, Beekman 1802

The founders of Beekman 1802 break down their approach to delivering engaging “edutainment” both in-person and online with new hybrid experiences.

How Gen Z is Redefining Beauty

Speaker: Hana Ben Shabat, Gen Z Planet

Understanding your audience is critical to your brand’s success, but do you really know Gen Z? This generation is strikingly different from its predecessors, from its passions and talents to its technological savvy and entrepreneurial expertise. In this session, we’ll share what that means for society—and for our industry.

The Metaverse and Its Virtual Beauty Storefront Potential

Speaker: Neha Singh, Obsess; Moderator: Andrea Nagel, CEW

The Metaverse may be beauty’s newest playground but what exactly are a brand’s virtual retail opportunities? Neha Singh answers questions on building a long-term retail strategy in this universe.